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On going mainstream

If you’ve seen the MTV Video Music Awards, you may remember that the Gym Class Heroes won the “best new artist” award. Okay I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of then till their latest album, so in my mind, they really are a new band.

But as many of you know (and as I found out), they’ve been around for 10 years now…just not in the mainstream. And now that they’re out there, they’re considered a “new artist”.

Actually I don’t know all that much about the Gym Class Heroes, and while I’ve tried out one album, only about 4 stuck with me. Not to say they’re bad, but anyway that’s besides the point. They said in an interview that they don’t like to overanalyze their music, so they have some freedom and don’t keep trying to fall into some category. This makes me think about the other artists who’ve had careers before going mainstream. The tendency, as music history dictates, is that once they get out there, they change (or even “compromise”) their musical style to fit the mainstream.

It can be a good thing, I know, but there’s a fine line I guess between giving up what you were originally about and just trying to reach more people. And either can be good or bad, depending on the artist and the situation. I hope that makes sense ;)

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