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No more Universal in iTunes?


As rumors have it, Universal Music Group, THE largest group of record labels in the music industry, won’t be renewing its contract with Apple. The contract that allows the selling/distribution of songs through iTunes.

Reportedly, it’s because of the high prices, and the idea that iTunes has monopoly, something they aren’t fully agreeing with.

That news was from over two months ago, and that was only from anonymous (but reliable) sources. They mentioned that they prefer an “at will” contract instead of an annual one.

Officially, Apple denied the rumor, saying they are “still negotiating”. Officially, UMG said that it will not sign a long-term contract with Apple, and will instead go for a month by month thing.

Officially, last month, UMG announced that they would still be selling DRM-free music through online vendors, NOT including iTunes.

Oh no…I can feel the earth trembling beneath me.

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