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Always issues with Kanye West

Apparently he’s vowed to never return to MTV, after failing to get a single award at Sept. 9’s VMAs. He was nominated for 5 awards, but again, failed to get video of the year.

Kanye West

Last year, he had a meltdown, saying the VMA loses it’s credibility for not giving them the award. And last week he did it again backstage, shouting how they should give him a chance. It was a very troubling scene.

I’d share it, but yeah, it’s troubling.

“Give a black man a chance. I’m trying hard, man.”

Well, it’s especially disturbing for me because I like his music. But as always, his ego is huge, bigger than his body, bigger than his music career. It’s hard to get inside his head. I do think he’s great (I’ll leave my extra biased comments out for now), but the fact that he can’t be mature about this lowers the way I see him.

And he even made a comment against pop music. What’s up with that Kanye? I want to say I expect more from you, but I’ve got nothing to go on.

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