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Food and Music

Got this again from admin Rukia’s blog, and the question is about what food I would absolutely not eat. Well I guess I don’t particularly consider myself as an adventurous person when it comes to food. I have eaten chicken intestines, but here that’s sorta a normal thing. Lol.

Live Octopus

I guess the one food I can think of right now that I wouldn’t eat is…live octopus. I mean, should this even be considered food for sane people? But I read that you could actually die of eating live octopus, cause they can cling to your throat so hard and you could choke. Not to mention the fact that they move so simily around. What the…nasty! Lol. No offense to those who like eating such.

Sorry I’m really enjoying these questions. Anyway to make up for it, let me share this with you. It’s a set of music tests, where you check how good you are when it comes to rhythm, tone and pitch. These are my results for the tone test.

My tone test result

Wanna find out ifyou’re tone deaf? Click HERE to visit the site, and if you post your results on your blog, trackback and lemme know! Here are my results:

Tone = 88%
Rhythm = 88%
Pitch = 1.95 Hz

Warning though, the pitch test is HARD. Nevertheless, enjoy! ;)

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