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I’ve been tagged

Since I said I’d share something from Max Roach, I found something already uploaded. If you like Jazz, you’re gonna like this. Max Roach on drums in “Speak, Brother, Speak!”

And since kt_sanctuary tagged me, here are my answers :D Thanks for the tag! My 5 best nights:

1. When one of my best friends came over unannounced, like the random person she is, dragged me off to have dinner and walk around outside. Was cold out and it felt good.

2. A school night when I was studying, we couldn’t leave school coz of the storm and the floods outside. Local diner supplied us some food. It was a little miserable at first, but now it seems like a good memory.

3. At a retreat, that night I came to know Jesus (This is the most important for me actually).

4. Night at a 5-star suite with bestfriend. Random, no occasion, and it was around the area I work in. But it was really nice there.

5. Any night I can have a long restful sleep.

Haha sorry about that last one, I couldn’t think of others, I guess I have a bad memory? But I do love sleep. :)

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