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We Give In Sometimes

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Just thought I’d share something with you, it’s a song I really like. Well, this group’s genre is kinda special (and some might consider it weird), but I hope you’ll give it a shot, you might like it. I love the feeling I get when listening to this song. Here are the words:

We Give In Sometimes

Hear my confession
Lingering intentions
Bringing us both
To different directions
So take what you can

And take me where i wanna be
Any place will do
Learn the tricks of fire
I apologize
But im gonna have to take me with you
Learn the tricks of fire
And wash yourself with it

Yeah yeah
Learn the tricks of fire
And wash yourself with it

Feel the sand in between your toes
Nobody has to know
The pleassure that you take
In every step that you make
Harbor it all the way

Take me to a place i wanna go
I have survived in defeat
Do you know the tricks of fire
I apologize
But im takin me with you
I badly, badly need to burn
Badly need to burn

Yeah yeah
I badly, badly need to burn
Badly need to burn

Sand and the sea..
Meet in between
Fire and ice..
You and I

The Difference

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Recently I’ve been looking around in these sites that give tips on how to sing. These people were supposedly professionals, and yeah it was obvious that they knew what they were talking about. But I found it interesting that most of them said basically the same stuff. Why so interesting? Well, they’ve obviously all come from the classic professional singing “school of thought” from all the terms and metaphors they use (imagine an egg at the back of your throat, or a tube around your belly etc etc) heheh. Those are the technical stuff, despite how they explained it. The “basic” stuff you have to get before even thinking of becoming a singer.

And then there’s my grandmother. I doubt she was ever taught those things (in fact if I ask her about them, I imagine she’d give me a puzzled look and laugh). But boy, can she sing. She doesn’t perform, but when it’s quiet and she’s busy in the kitchen or the garden, I sometimes catch her singing, and she can really sing.

There’s a difference between being able to hold a note and really knowing how to sing. So much that when a situation calls for it, someone can say of you that you’re a “singer”. Oddly enough, for all the technical stuff out there that some people pay a lot of money to learn, there are just some people who get these things naturally. Why? I suppose that some people just take to it easier, from exposure or for whatever other reason. My dad told me that singing should be a natural thing, and I guess for some people, the more they concern themselves with the “technical” stuff, the more they forget about all the things that should be natural to them in terms of singing. But I’m not a good singer, just some things I’ve observed I guess.

Music Video Goodness

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

A song I really like, I uploaded it on Dream Studio. I’m sure a lot of you know this song, a friend shared it to me some time ago. :) This is The Fray’s “Over My Head”. 

Enjoy! :)