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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

I read about a study on music and memory. Basically, the study showed that during a test, students who listened to the same music or sounds that they were exposed to while studying actually did better at the tests. Different sounds didn’t really make them do worse, but listening to the same sounds really helped.

So now I think about all the memories that come rushing to me whenever I hear certain songs. Sometimes even with new songs, whenever I hear certain elements to them (like the strings or the bassline) that are similar to those in other songs I’ve probably heard in the past, I get the same feeling. I suddenly mention to whoever I’m with what it is I remember…and they usually go “Um…okay.”

For a while I actually thought I was the only one I knew who went through that, but I realized later that it was just that I made a big deal about it. I really love that nostalgic feeling, especially when it’s tied to music. Since I really listen to music a lot, old and new, I go through it a lot. It’s nice, even if sometimes the things I remember aren’t that good. I guess it just makes me realize how wonderfully funny life is.