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No music no life~

Heya all.

Alrighty! A new blog!

Hello everyone, this is my first official entry. And what am I gonna be blogging about? Drumroll please…

Music! Yup, fitting for my blog’s name isn’t it? Anyway, first of all let me start by saying what kind of music I’m into. In terms of genre, actually, I don’t really have a favorite…I guess it just depends on my mood. I believe that there’s good music and there’s bad music, regardless of genre. So earlier in the day I could be listening to rock, and later Bossanova, then some R&B at night. I think it’s best that way, because when you restrict yourself to certain genres (or even just ONE genre) then you close yourself off to the possibility of other music being good.

The first thing that catches my attention in music is the beat. When I like the beat, the other instruments start creeping into my ears, to totally draw me into the feel of the song. Arrangement next, because to me it’s what separates good music from bad, on a technical level. Last, but definitely not the least,¬†are the lyrics. Words in a song are always very important to me, and if I don’t like the words, I won’t like the song either. It might seem like I’m contradicting myself with the whole good music is good music thing, but actually it’s very clear to me. Songs are made for the purpose of sending messages, through the lyrics, and they’re just as important as the melody and rhythm.

So even there are a lot of foreign songs that I like, I make it a point to know what they’re about. So that when I sing or listen to them, I can really get the feel of what they want to say. ^_^~

That’s all for now~~ Tomorrow, I’m gonna feature an artist, still haven’t decided on whom yet though. Kpop maybe? Heheh, we’ll see.

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  1. nukunuku Says:

    Haro n_n

    Thank u for the post. Yep i was sad the day i write that, but today i’m happier.
    I like music too, but i don’t have a favorite one, jeje, is just like u said “it depends on my mood”

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