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Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

HB posted the Chippendales in his 14 Ideas for a Different Valentine’s in 2011
and thought if he would allow me to watch it with my girlfriends…

But nahhh, I would be the first to tell him that I’d rather spend time with the family or spend time pampering my self (which I need one soon!!!)…

Anyhoo, I’d just share this with you….is this their 1st time to be here in Manila?  I think not….2nd or 3x maybe…


Watch the Chippendales in Resorts World Manila.

Show dates are on 18 and 19 February 2011.

For more information, visit: Resorts World Manila | Chippendales


Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

HB has been lurking and waiting for this place to open.  When we saw it was opened, ta-da…we scheduled a meet up with a friend.  Yes, HB had an excused to try this out!   Been itching to go out and discover some new restaurant before he leaves for an out-of-town trip soon!


Chef Mikko’s Buffalo Bacon Chicharon (P285 +10% service charge).

Nyikes!  Bacon na chicharon pa!  The real bacon!  No fat!  Not a fan of bacon…you guessed it right…the obvious fat!  Urgghhhh!  Hard to burn!  Might as well, avoid eating such kind of food…

This was indeed a sight!  Crunchy to the max!


The Caprese Tower (P350 +10% service charge). Pesto-marinated Tomato, Arugula, fresh Laguna White Cheese.

Thinly sliced tomato..thinly sliced white cheese…I want more!!!


The Jerk Burger (P475 +10% service charge). USDA Choice Sirloin Patty, Jamaican Jerk spices, Orange and Red Cabbage Slaw.

Looks yummy…crunchy bun!  Medium well sirloin patty! Fries was perfectly fried.  There was not a single limpy fries…stood out proud!

Sir J, was it worth it? :)


Benjamin’s Skinless Chicken (P495 +10% service charge). Note: For the health-conscious. Honey Mustard Chicken (without skin) with pan-fried Green Onion Polenta.

I liked that it was healthy :)  Then sweet because of the sauce but needs more marination of the meat.


Weedge’s Lamb Shepherd’s Pie (P435 +10% service charge). Lamb Stew, Creamed Potato, melted Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

I think everything about this place is the CRUNCH!  The chicharon, the bun, fries and now, the top of this shepherd’s pie had a crunch!  Yum!  The meat was shredded to allow smooth spooning of the pie — no need for a knife.


2nd floor…you can see it while you drive by…intimidating at first but cool and comfy once you step inside the place.

2nd’s (Comfort Food Revisited)
2nd Floor, Wumaco Building 1
(formerly Mag:Net)
Quadrant 3, 9th Ave, Bonifacio High Street
Telephone: +632 846-5293
Operating Hours: 11.00am - 3.00pm, and 6.30pm to 11.30pm

Tanya Kropp (a.k.a. The One You Marry), +63 917 595-0492,
Sung Park (a.k.a. Mr. Nuclear), +63 917 836-0084,

Dek A Means #1

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

We’re on the hunt again…somebody recommended this place.  Almost didn’t see this because of the wrong address…the adventure begun…kids were hungry…I wanted to go to another restaurant with no frills and fast!  It was night time and wanted to let the kids sleep.  Alas!  We found it!

DekA New Generation Authentic Thai Restaurant (1 of 32)

DekA New Generation Authentic Thai Restaurant (15 of 32)

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup (P120).

Normally, you’d order this kind of clear noodle soup in a Chinese restaurant.  Looks like it’s the same but once you taste it, it has a different taste!  It’s kinda on the sweet side.

DekA New Generation Authentic Thai Restaurant (17 of 32)

Tom Yum (Spicy Shrimp/Salmon Head Soup - P250/half order). Popular, classical Thai Spicy Lemon Grass Soup with Shrimp, Mushroom, Chili Paste and Lime Juice.

I knew that HB would love this.  The sourness and spiciness, he would love!  Generous pieces of small shrimps.  What bothers me is the mushroom, they used the button one while I was accustomed to have sliced oyster mushrooms :)

DekA New Generation Authentic Thai Restaurant (23 of 32)

Pad Thai (P180). Special Thai Style Noodles with Chicken, Prawns, Bean Sprouts, Spring Onion, Egg and Ground Peanuts.

Sweet noodles :)  Usually, the noodles would be the one that’s overflowing.  With Dek A’s take on Pad Thai, the bean sprouts were the ones overflowing.  I wish it was the noodles though.

DekA New Generation Authentic Thai Restaurant (21 of 32)

Kao Pad (P200). Chicken, Pork, Shrimp Special Thai Fried Rice.

Yes, the kids love this!  It was a sweet rice :)

DekA New Generation Authentic Thai Restaurant (20 of 32)

Gang Kiaw Wan (P200). A traditional Thai Chicken Green Curry using fresh green chili and cooked in coconut milk with aubergines, lime leaves, sweet basil leaves and vegetables.

HB loved this!  Too spicy for me but I liked it.  Tasty coco milk with lime leaves plus the basil herbs :)  I like the generous serving of the sauce!

Another hole-in-the-wall that I would like to visit once again.  I just hope they put some kind of blinds/ curtain to somehow cover the entire place because the surrounding gives me creeps although the barangay hall is just near.

Kids loved playing with the Thai-inspired cushion.   We were lucky to have the place to ourselves so we don’t disturb other dining customers as the place is not that big enough for 2 kids’ loud voices and horsing around.

Happy eating guys!

Dek A Authentic Thai Food
245 Pablo Ocampo Road (Vito Cruz Ext.) corner Flor Deliz, Makati City
(right across Caltex Gas Station in Vito Cruz Ext. corner Sampaloc St.)

Dek A Location

Operating Hours:
Closed on Monday
Tuesday to Friday: 11.00am to 2.00pm Lunch and 5.00pm to 10.00pm Dinner
Saturday and Sunday: 5.00pm to 10.00pm Dinner only.

Telephone Number: +632 500 5933

We Are Happy Lemon Family!

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Happy Lemon (1 of 15)

I have heard so much of Happy Lemon and glad that at last, we passed by this place!  (I miss Greenhills but I was trapped here. HB is not fond of roaming around.)

Happy Lemon (11 of 15)

Happy Lemon’s Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago (Large - P90), Lemon Yakult (Large - P100), Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies & Cream (Regular - P90), and Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese (Large - P90).

For 2 adults and a kid, these are a lot of drinks!

Happy Lemon (10 of 15)
Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese (Large - P90).

I started off with this green tea drink.  No, we can’t use a straw because it would defeat the purpose of doing so.   One has to sip then slurp hehehe, kidding, sip, sip and taste.  Kinda weird to do that but it re-orients you once again to just sit back and relax.  Chill and tastes great actually!  I was trying to get everything in one sip…the green tea, rock salt and cheese…avoiding to have that foam on my upper lip that would make me look funny.  A nice concept!  No wonder this place is a hit!

Happy Lemon (11 of 15)-2

Lemon Yakult (Large - P100).

With so many drinks to try, I tried this after 30 minutes from getting it from the counter.  The blended ice melted…the lemon and yakult sorta settled with the drink.  I felt refreshed when I drank it!  Whee!  As I sipped it thru the straw, I felt the ice bits then suddenly, tasted the citrus and sourness of the lemon and Yakult, respectively. Definitely another winner!  We love Yakult so that’s an additional points for Lemon Yakult :)

Definitely, we’ll be back…to try other flavors!

Happy Lemon
G/F, The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
(in between Starbucks and Coffee Bean)
San Juan, Metro Manila

Epiphany - A Global Cuisine Redefined Restaurant

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Epiphany - Global Cuisine Redefined (1 of 13)

Fortunately, this place was near where we had to pick up something…the kids were once again happy to be out of the house!

Epiphany - Global Cuisine Redefined (8 of 13)

Tuna Ceviche (P230).

Interesting combination of tuna, pomelo (should be the “right” tasting one), cherry tomatoes with coconut extract and coconut sherbet on top. We loved this weird combination!

Epiphany - Global Cuisine Redefined (10 of 13)

Curry (P275). I wondered what was the bread for then suddenly remembered that it’s a replacement for rice but still, I ordered a bowl of rice.  Never get satisfied with bread :(  A rice person I am!  I liked the curry except for the shallot.  Not a fan ever since I was a kid.

Epiphany - Global Cuisine Redefined (12 of 13)

Braised Short Ribs (P420).  Funny thing, they have the same food styling and presentation so you know that they maximize on the ingredients on hand.  Nothing wrong but it was just because I’m not fond of their crispy shallots :(

This ribs was nice tasting.  I like sweet taste so this was a hit for me and the kids!  Sauce na lang, masarap pa!

Epiphany - Global Cuisine Redefined (3 of 13)

Only imported craft beers are available at the moment.  Don’t ask me recommendations on these because I don’t drink.

I’d love to go here next time because they offer different dishes on a regular basis.  They may retain some and change some menu.  Maybe by the time we visit again, they would have a wider range of dishes like soup, pasta and dessert! Yikes! :)

Can’t wait to be in the area!!!

Epiphany - Global Cuisine Redefined
26. N.Domingo, Quezon City, Philippines, 1001
(Near the corner of Gilmore and N. Domingo, going to Sta. Mesa area)

Phone: +632 4877211
Mobile: +63 917-814-54-88
Operating Hours:
Tues - Thurs: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Facebook: Epiphany Restaurant

My Boy

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Winter Funland (148 of 28)

My boy is growing up so fast….just turned 3 years old…and has a mind of his own.  Very independent and very different from his Ahya.  I love the way he catches my attention.  Very thoughtful too!

Looks up to his Ahya.  I hope and pray they love and take care of each other as they grow older.

How time flies..and now, I’m watching over my almost one year old son, RA.

I love you boys!!!