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We Are Happy Lemon Family!

Happy Lemon (1 of 15)

I have heard so much of Happy Lemon and glad that at last, we passed by this place!  (I miss Greenhills but I was trapped here. HB is not fond of roaming around.)

Happy Lemon (11 of 15)

Happy Lemon’s Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago (Large - P90), Lemon Yakult (Large - P100), Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies & Cream (Regular - P90), and Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese (Large - P90).

For 2 adults and a kid, these are a lot of drinks!

Happy Lemon (10 of 15)
Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese (Large - P90).

I started off with this green tea drink.  No, we can’t use a straw because it would defeat the purpose of doing so.   One has to sip then slurp hehehe, kidding, sip, sip and taste.  Kinda weird to do that but it re-orients you once again to just sit back and relax.  Chill and tastes great actually!  I was trying to get everything in one sip…the green tea, rock salt and cheese…avoiding to have that foam on my upper lip that would make me look funny.  A nice concept!  No wonder this place is a hit!

Happy Lemon (11 of 15)-2

Lemon Yakult (Large - P100).

With so many drinks to try, I tried this after 30 minutes from getting it from the counter.  The blended ice melted…the lemon and yakult sorta settled with the drink.  I felt refreshed when I drank it!  Whee!  As I sipped it thru the straw, I felt the ice bits then suddenly, tasted the citrus and sourness of the lemon and Yakult, respectively. Definitely another winner!  We love Yakult so that’s an additional points for Lemon Yakult :)

Definitely, we’ll be back…to try other flavors!

Happy Lemon
G/F, The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
(in between Starbucks and Coffee Bean)
San Juan, Metro Manila

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