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Sango Master Burger!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


Sango has the fastfood set-up…most of the customers ignore the touch screen machine that will take your got NO line!  AD and JX played with when we were about to leave Sango because one of the owners informed us that it was indeed working and we can have our orders taken by the machine.  Maybe next time then!


Gotta have rice! Gyu Don (P225).

Sweet because I likety it!  Middle of my meal, I got umay….food getting cold….suddenly, my food was gone!  HB got and finished it off…I was not even full!  Boy..he was fast and hungry!  It was already past 1pm…but I was too!


Large Master Fries (P110).  Loved the way they cooked the fries!  Crunchy at the outside and mushy in the inside! The size of each fries was just right that you didn’t feel that it was over fried.  I prefer to have just the tiny slices of cheese (or with the catsup and onions) with my fries.  The sauce was overload for me already.


Master Chili Burger (P125).   HB loved this!  Me?  I stick to rice meals!  Not really a burger person but this is really different…nice to have options with your burger…I don’t mind sharing my burger with a friend.


Makati Rockwell Center

Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City

Telephone: +632 830-0391, 889 4445, 819-3740
Makati Creekside Mall

Rm. 5 GF, Creekside Mall, Amorsolo St., corner Herrera St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

Telephone: +632 8300391, 889-4445, 819-3740

Mobile: +63 922-8852772, +63 923-2805796
Ortigas Pearl Plaza

8101 Pearl Drive Bldg., Pearl Drive St., Brgy San Antonio, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Telephone: +632 636-1991, 637-5506

Mobile: +63 922-8852773, +63 922-8852325
Alabang South Supermarket

South Supermarket Alabang Zapote Road

+632 7712201

Mobile: +63922 885 2248

Choto Stop-Eat & Eat!

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Choto Stop-23

Looks like the logo of Mini Stop!

Choto Stop-14

Yummy bento box!  Beef steak cubes!  I thought I’d be disappointed with this but NAH!  I loved it!  Kulang pa nga!  The meat was soooo tender!  So soft that I had to ask twice if this is real meat!  Cooked just right!  It was not cooked all the way….cooked with some red but that was just good!  Even JX didn’t spit the meat out (he would if he felt it hard to chew!)

Choto Stop-12

HB’s Sio Tanmen (P150).

I think I had a sip or two but didn’t get any afterwards…it was gone in 60 seconds!

Choto Stop-20

The best part for the kids ~ DESSERT!  We just bought one ice cream so the kids will learn how to share and take turns in having dessert.  Of course, when it comes to dessert, they always want to have their turn just right after their bite. hahaha

Choto Stop-5

This place is the Japanese’ P75 store where almost all things are sold at P75.

Choto Stop-22

Japanese wives suddenly came in to hoard their vegetable, fresh food stuff.

Choto Stop Japanese Grocery

Little Tokyo, Along Pasong Tamo Side

Telephone Number: +632 759-5560

Manna Korea Garden

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Manna Korea Garden-1

My husband found the location by gut feel.  A friend of ours recommended this place and someone else.  We’re not sure if they were referring to the same and one Korean restaurant.  My mobile phone conked out so we didn’t have the contact details nor can I contact my friend.  HB’s source was only thru online so it was out too!

What we did?  We just drove around and around until we hit the spot!  X marks the spot!  Truly, my HB has this instinct!  After we ate here, I emailed or somehow I got the contact of my friend again and it was the same Korean resto she told us about….so here we are….

Manna Korea Garden-9

As always, Korean appetizer food fair….You can avail of this FREE appetizer set if and only if you have ordered ONE dish when dining alone or TWO dishes when dining for two and so on.  Sounds valid isn’t it?  These appeizers though weren’t a hit with the kids because almost dish was with chili.

Available Appetizers (subject to change): Toque, Raddish, Kimchi, Fish Cake, Cucumber, Sayote, Lettuce and Garlic

Manna Korea Garden-11

Spare Ribs Meat BBQ (P500). No marination at all…why do I think that it has?  I do remember when we dined in a Korean restaurant in LA with a friend and my BIL, I do remember that the beef we also cooked in front of us was with marination…or was I just sooo forgetful?  (Pls enlighten me my friend, MQ-S!  Do you still remember?)…So it was a big disaapointment to me when I got one piece of the meat and it tasted bland.  It was good with the lettuce and sauce but eating it alone is not recommended…

Manna Korea Garden-13

Kaibizzim - Beef Rib Stew (P350).  This reminded me of our college days ~ Henry’s at the UM…but this was most “litid” and the sauce was diluted with too much water.  Looked pale too!  The taste would be great if they didn’t put too much water in it.  Chef was not in the kitchen perhaps and they had to serve it ASAP.

Still, in search for a good korea restaurant….a Korean acquaintance told me that Manna is still not the authentic Korean restaurant….but where can we find one?  You know any restaurant we don’t?  Please do share!

Manna Korea Garden
Kim Yong Joon
#5650 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Telephone: +632 897-6799
Mobile Number: +63917 525-6150

Directions: From P. Burgos St., drive all the way past Kalayaan Avenue. Turn right at the first corner on Gen. Luna St. and then right again on Don Pedro St.. You’ll see the Manna Grocery first and then Manna Korea Garden.

Let’s Check out the Balangay!

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Balangay Fever-6

Our family has been visiting the Balangay every once in a while for the past weeks until it starts to test sail today.

Balangay Fever-9

This is the first time I have set foot on this boat and we were stuck inside for it rained hard!  We got a little wet but good thing JX was at home.  Good decision, Momma!

Balangay Fever-11

Kids and my brother wait until the rain stopped after a heavy downpour.  We certainly witnessed how it felt to be stuck and also, we were able to eat our dinner here.

Balangay About to Set Sail-14

At last, JX was able to visit the Balangay with AD’s schoolmates.  They had a blast playing around the boat.

Balangay About to Set Sail-20

(L-R) Himalaya (Janet’s son, part of Mt. Everest female team, who was left after just giving birt), JX, AD (loved the way he hold JX’s hands), Ainsley and Sabine…where’s Carlos by the way?  We didn’t get any decent photo with all the kids around.

They’re as excited as the Mt Everest team!  No fear these kids!

Balangay About to Set Sail-34

The group who visited the Balangay before it test sails today. We even teased Sir Art that maybe we can be part of his crew to test sail the Balangay.  He just smiled.  Of course, we understood.

Good luck to you guys!  May you attain the goal you want to reach!

Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!  Kaya natin ito!

Dusit Thani’s Green Hour

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Dusit Green Hour

Join Dusit Thani’s as they have their second run of their Dusit Green Hour this June 27,  where Dusit will shut off their lights for an hour in all public areas of the hotel including all its restos.

Then they will give out 30% discount (no discount card required!) to pass on the saving benefit to their guests who dine for DINNER from 6pm to 10pm in any of their F&B outlets.
At the same time, Dusit will have this Eat-and-Drink-All-You-Can at BASIX running forever, as long as there’s patronage.

For Sunday, try Dusit Thani’s Crossover Sunday Brunch….I hope they still ahve it…not only for the adults but for kids too!  Check out my HB’s post on this a month ago…

Best Buffets in Manila: Dusit Thani’s Crossover Sunday Brunch

Sunday Family Crossover Brunch, Dusit Thani

Every Sunday 11.30am to 3.00pm

P1,450 net adults, P775 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.

For reservations, call +632 867-3333



S&R Partnerships with BPI

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

From June 15 to September 15, 2009

Get a FREE SLICE of S&R New York Style Pizza of your choice (cheese, combo, pepperoni, shrimp and garlic) for a minimum of single receipt of P3,000 at any S&R Membership shopping branch.  Do remember to use any of your BPI Exress Credit card.

Maximum of three-(3) redemptions per cardholder.

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