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Knowing What Lolo Dad’s Really Serve

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

I can’t forget the time we ate at Lolo Dad’s in Malate.  Boy, I was so embarassed because it was a far cry from what I told my now ex-BF that Lolo Dad’s serve great grilled food.  I was even proud that I found a restaurant w/c he didn’t know about.  I do remember that one set menu cost around P1500 and that time, P1500 was too much!  What we did was just to order one set menu and order from the ala carte menu so we can have a taste of their other dishes.  The visit was the time when we were still dating or was it “just friends” stage and he was not yet blogging at that time?

I forgot if our attire were appropriate, but I guess we were dressed fine since we were not refused.  HB kept on teasing me all night long.  From then on, I never forgot Lolo Dad’s and sadly, we were not able to visit the place again until now…but in a different branch and different set-up…Lolo Dad’s Brasserie at 6750.  We do hope they’ll stay longer than any of the restaurant that has been there so we can go there more than once.

Let us not wait any longer, and let you in on what we have eaten with our dear friend, Cai.

Lolo Dad-11

“Only for the Rich” Salad (P1,650 +SC). Combination of Diver Scallops, Lobster, Seared Duck Liver, Jamon Serrano and Cured Salmon with Mesclun greens in Pomegranate and Molasses dressing.

I want to be contaminated by this salad….Only for the Rich…positive vibes coming thru my door!  Ahhh!  Only for the rich!  Come to me!

I loved almost everything in the salad ~ from the seafoods to the greens!  Yummy!  Each seafood was perfectly seasoned and grilled that every bite was an ooohhhh and aahhhh (and quickly, our fork is touching the plates to get some more)!  The dressing was just too overwhelming.  I thought it was supposed to be on the sweet side since I saw that it was with molasses but then, I don’t know the taste of  pomegranate which made me curious about the salad too!  I read that sometimes it would either be sweet or sour…so, I guess what we got was sour that made our dressing on a sour (strong) sweet (mild) tone.  Even if we ate the greens with the dressing with the seafood, the dressing still overpowered the combined taste.


Nike! Nike! Nike! Whee!

Friday, November 28th, 2008

This just came IN!  Can’t stop the SALE!  So, why stop from getting the best deals?

Nike Warehouse Sale

And this is the map to Nike’s warehouse….

Nike Warehouse Sale

Happy shopping!

Toy Sale You’ll Enjoy!

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Have you made your christmas shopping list?  If no, time to make one!  If yes, then visit the sale at Richwell and Lego in Quezon City!

Richwell Corporation products sale (Barbie, Chicco, Hot Wheels and many more)

Dates:  Nov 28-30; Dec 5-7, 12-14, 19-23

1PM to 6PM (Fri.)

9AM to 6PM (Sat - Sun)


Creative Trade Center Compound
#6 Industria St., Libis, QC

Lego Christmas Sale!!!  Up to 60% off

November 28, 29 & 30; Dec 12, 13 & 14

10am to 5pm

Credit cards accepted.

Unit A23 Topy Bldg IV
Economia St,
Bagumbayan QC

We might go there to look around but we’ll call to ask for directions on how to go to their warehouse.    So, see you? :)

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery

This is another Japanese hoppin’ we are doing.

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery-3

Bought fresh tuna slice…I forgot to take note of how much it was per kilo!  Bummer!  I really can’t rely on my memory nowadays….so many notes in my mind…numbers specifically!  Confusing for this ageing mind of mine!  Anyone can suggest how I can boost my memory?

Back to the tuna…it was fresh alright.  Finished it right away!  We didn’t let AD eat it because he might not be able to take it well so the 2 adults happily munched the tuna down into their hungry stomach.

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery-4

I’m just the accessory in this photo…HB was trying to take photo of the man cooking Takoyaki balls on my right side.  I think they prohibit taking photos anything inside the store.  New Hatchin Japanese grocery cook takoyaki balls (P78/8pcs) and gyoza (5pcs) every weekends only.  My HB knows I love Takoyaki balls so he surprised me just this Saturday and we bought 2 orders of it.  We asked the cook what are the ingredients of the balls, here’s what he enumerated:

  • Red Ginger (Benishoga)
  • Octopus, sliced to bits
  • Cabbage
  • Shrimp powder
  • Tempura powder (hmmm?!)
  • Secret White liquid (I wonder what they put there? Flour, water, salt…hmmmm, what else?  Would you know?)
  • Okonomiyaki Sauce
  • Nori flakes as toppings

Verdict:   True, it was far from my usual fare of Samurai balls (that’s the first takoyaki balls I’ve tasted) simply because of the ingredients of New Hatchin’s Takoyaki ball. If you are familiar with Samurai balls, you’ll only see that they only put 2 ingredients inside samurai balls and those are dyed octopus and fish flakes.

When eating the balls alone, the red ginger was the most evident taste of all, followed by the shrimp flakes and octopus. The balls are now with taste than being bland.  The cabbage was barely noticed.  I think that’s just to add color.  When eaten as a whole, the okonomiyaki sauce was too strong that I got turned off eating it.  I decided to just dab a small amount of it.  To be honest,  even if the cook says their takoyaki balls are authentic unlike Mang Chito’s (where’s that?  He says it’s in Robinson’s malls) or samurai balls (for me) , I still love Samurai’s sauce version than Hatchin’s.  I can’t stop rolling the balls over and over again until my takoyaki balls are drenched with the red sauce and powder.  I think I just love to eat Samurai balls just because of their sauce!  Maybe I just better discover what their sauce is so I can just buy that instead and use it on New Hatchin’s takoyaki balls.  I’m sure it would taste perfect (and I’d be fat because I keep on eating those balls!)!

How about you?  Do you like Takoyaki balls?  What’s your favorite?

You just wait there and I have more Takoyaki balls adventure to share!

Free Hairspray Tickets

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Hairspray arrives in Manila

I’ll be giving away a pair of Hairspray tickets for the 29 November, 8pm show.  You can win just by sharing with me your TRUE story of


I will now be accepting entries but will end my contest at 12 noon on 27 November 2008.  Kindly leave your entry’s URL on my comments section.

Before you join, please check if you are free on the 29th November, 8pm and willing to be at Star Theater (beside Star City) before 8pm to watch HAIRSPRAY Manila.  If you are free, then join and pray that you win! :D

I will pick ONE winner that fancies me! :D

Favor:  If you don’t mind, can you include your email address and contact numbers so I can contact you immediately if I do get your name. Or you can email it to me at

 Good luck gals and guys!

ExpoMOM ‘08

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Do not be deceived by the name title of this bazaar because anyone could still come and visit ExpoMOM!   You’d be amazed how you can still buy so many things even if you’re still single and no kids of your own…it is because you’ll be buying for your sibling, nieces & nephews and godchildren or for your own use in the future!  See, there’s so many excuse just to be there! So, save the date!  December 7 (Sunday) is a day to be in Makati, Rockwell Tent to be exact.

EXPO MOM BAZAAR, Dec 7 Rockwell Tent

This time it got better…they have FREE inflatable ride for kids while moms shop!  I do hope they have something for DADs too!  I do remember the 1st time ExpoMom organized an event, Masterpiece band played, there were many dads who were sitting and eating while waiting for their wives get tired of going around the booths.  I do hope they have a programme once again with a lively host.

Lastly, do not be surprised…they have a P50 entrance fee.  A small fee to ensure not just anybody can enter the tent.  I do hope you don’t mind…