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Ukokkei Ramen Ron

We’re having a Japanese craze now!

Ramen Ron

Ukokkei Ramen Ron serves the best ramen in town!  We got this tip from a Japanese friend of HB.  They serve 3 types of ramen — soy sauce-based, salt-based and miso-based soup.

Ramen Ron-4

While waiting for our friend, we ordered gyoza (we also know where you can get the best gyoza in town!) to fill our growling tummy a bit.  Before we knew it, the gyoza were gone in a minute!   P120/ 5 pieces.  We were hungry!

Ramen Ron-11

Ukkokei Miso (P300 + 5% S.C.).  Our friend, Joelle, ordered this ramen which our server recommend as the bestseller but I don’t think Joelle agreed because the bowl was still half filled.  The ramen was a miso-based soup with pork as toppings.

Ramen Ron-12

Ukkokei Nirra Niniku Karamiso (P360 + 5% S.C.).  We don’t usually order ramen in a Japanese resto but this resto served the best ramen so what do we get?  Ramen, of course!  This was all-vegetable soup with some spiciness.  The slices of shitake mushroom you see were not very tasty…maybe because it all went to the soup. I liked the soup for it was very flavorful but I always get distracted with the soup’s oiliness and the vegetable (I had lots of the hard parts of the petchay.) that I forgot to really take note of the flavor.   I would like to think that the oil that I was referring too was the chili oil.

Ramen Ron-10

Ukkokei Shoyu Koumi (P330 + 5% S.C.).  Tasted this and this was way better than mine.  The liquid travelled smoothly through my throat although HB felt it was oily too, like my soup! Good thing, I got to taste the soup because it was gone afte 5 minutes!  Yes, he was that hungry that he forgot to really share the soup as in exchange with mine.

The ramen I’ve tasted here are way better than the ramen we always order at Isshin.  It’s just too bad that they don’t have any dessert line-up where we look forward to ending our night with just a simple nata de coco or ice cream like we have at Isshin.

Ukokkei Ramen Ron

Patis Tesoro Bldg. (beside La Regalade, diagonally across Kink Cakes)

Pasay Road, Makati

Closed on 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month

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    Looks really yummy :’> I can’t wait for my Japan trip next year!

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