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Are Plueys Only Made For Rainy Days?

PLUEYS are boots made for rain and “pluie” (ploo·wi) means JUST THAT in French. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be for snow–people in colder countries like the US and the UK have been wearing Plueys even before it has been brought to Manila.

Can I dare you to imagine where you would want to go with your Plueys?  I’d love to give your mind a workout and share with me your journey…in ONLY 100 words or less (I can be very strict with rules.).  Do not forget those juicy details where Plueys will play a vital role!

Oooh La Lace

Don’t you just love to have a pair of those Plueys?!

Bloggers or non-bloggers are welcome to participate BUT you can only win once either here in MrsOAP or  in the OAP Plueys contest (==>Where is your favorite place to travel on a rainy day and Why?).

Bloggers, please link back and provide the URL where you made the post while for non-Bloggers, please leave your footprints on my comment section.

The best entry would win….

A pair of Plueys - Your choice and your size (of course!)!  Wanna take a peek on what you’ll be wearing to your journey?  Check it out at Plueys!

As a consolation prize, 10% discount coupons will be given to ten-(10) runner-ups.

Contest period will run from 26 October to November 10, 2008.

There’s no reason why one cannot celebrate any day with Plueys!

Thank you Em of Plueys who thought of giving away such cool prizes!

12 Responses to “Are Plueys Only Made For Rainy Days?”

  1. shadowcat Says:

    I have a blog, but since its flow doesn’t meld with this, I’ll just post my answer to your question here.

    For some strange reason, I like visiting my school when it’s raining. I just graduated a few years ago, and I can honestly [and proudly!] say that I’m still attached to it. I have a lot of memories there, especially of those rainy days: bonding with friends while the rain pours outside and getting drenched on my way to class, my shoes getting all squishy. Going to school on rainy days even after I graduated brings back these memories - but this time, my shoes won’t squish anymore, because I have Plueys protecting my feet!

  2. Jane Chua Says:

    England, Paris, Greece… my dreams take me
    Stomping puddles in rainy England, sashaying bags in gleaming Paris, laidback walking in sunny Greece
    South Africa too…a stylista in gravel and love of adventure
    Then the sun yawns with me
    Pull the sheets closer, there it peeps, ridges of sole
    I mistake you for feet, in bed you come with me

    Plueys designs spark my imagination
    But if there’s one single thing
    I would love to walk the ramp in New York Fashion Week in my Plueys
    Journey of a thousand miles begins w/ a single Plueys step

    Between Bites

  3. Iris Says:

    Hi Mrs OAP! My entry is at my blog. Love your site, btw. :-)


  4. Ge Says:

    On rainy days - my family and I love driving to Tagaytay and eating at Leslie’s. The hot Bulalo soup immediately melts my insides and keeps me warm amidst the rain. Same with the Plueys - it will keep me warm and will protect my feet from the cold wet puddles! I might even buy my kids a pair each so they can enjoy walking in the rain. I can already imagine them having fun with the puddles!

  5. Gia Guerrero Says:

    On a cool night, I’ve always imagined a perfect date under the moonlight. We would be dining in an outdoor restaurant overlooking the bay, feeling the wind gently kissing your face. Then an unexpected downpour would set the mood for a heart racing, cosy race under the pouring rain. Certainly, with Plueys there would be no hindrances and worries in enjoying this perfect moment. I would skip and splash my way through this rain and win his heart!

  6. Rose D. Says:

    note to moderator: please delete my previous entry, thanks.

    I would love to hang out in a coffee shop on a rainy day drinking my favorite beverage and do some reading, having a good conversation with friends or simply just chilling out and taking the ambiance of the shop until the rain stops. And if I have to get out and if it’s still raining outside, I would even strut on the busy streets of Manila and not worry if my shoes are getting wet and muddy because I know that I have my dependable Plueys to protect my favorite pair of shoes and feet as well.

  7. Nina Says:

    Where is your favorite place to travel on a rainy day and why?

    My favorite place to hang out on a rainy day would be at the park together with my 2 kiddos( boy(5 yrs. old)and a girl(3 yrs.old)). We love playing in the puddle with our pluey’s and it has been a part of our routine to wear them whenever it rains. We look so cute together wearing them, it’s very comfy and stylish at the same time. Who says a Mom can’t wear a Pluey? :)
    Whatever age you are .. there’s always a Pluey Ready for you :)

  8. Vivi Says:

    I would LOVE to go out with my 3 kids in matching PLUEYS Boots, especially after a heavy rainfall has just ended, and everything outside looks so fresh & clean, and you can still even “smell” the scent of rain in the air…
    We’d go around the neighborhood and show off our shiny & fashionable slickers, while “stomp-stomping” on some puddles…

    And we’ll be jumping, singing, and dancing on the muddy ground… NEVER worrying about getting our feet wet and muddy and just enjoying our time together in our dewy-fresh kingdom… :)

  9. Kelly Says:

    On those days when just staying in bed curled up with a book and a cup of hot cocoa seems so perfect, I sometimes can’t help but always try to get out of the house to walk a short distance amidst puddles, greenery, and quaint houses to my grandparents’ home for coffee and pastries. The visit sometimes prompts a mini-reunion with other relatives who live some houses away. And who says all footwear will have to be left outside the door? Muddy and slightly chilled, we all file into the lanai and enjoy each others’ company and the simple food.

  10. Jovi Says:

    Those adorable Plueys will bring out the fashionista in me when travelling. Be it an international or local destination, even shopping favorites-Divi, Ils de tuls (short for Ilalim ng Tulay, Quiapo), tiangges, etc., these Plueys will add spice to my outfit. Additionally, it will provide comfort to my feet, with all the walking involved. Looking forward to strutting these Plueys at the airport on my trip this November! Plus, it could come in handy for stashing personal items should I exceed the check-in requirements. Only “acceptable” stuff of course!

  11. sheryl Says:

    how come i can’t see my post here? i sent an entry yesterday afternoon.

  12. can you write my essay Says:

    I guess those are the boots that Harry Ainlay School chose for the school uniform. There was a vote and an article on Mashable. I guess the students are happy:) I would be:) In fact, in Headway School Society of Alberta they are also working on school uniforms designs.

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