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Go to Havaianas Playback TODAY!

Havaianas Playback TODAY!

JX and I just got from Havaianas Playback event at Boni Hi Street.  I think I had more fun than JX!  AD was with his Poppa doing their Ultimate Pampanga Tour so it was only JX and I.

Here’s what I did (Low-tech me, I again didn’t capture any photos.  I have an excuse, I was carrying JX.):

1. Registered and got the Havaianas Passport for me to be able to play.

2. To earn points, you have to play games and there are corresponding points.

3. After playing, go to their redemption center.  Playing doesn’t stop there!  They will be giving you a pingpong ball (# of balls depends on how many points you earned from playing) and eventually will land into a pocket hole.  The hole it lands to has a corresponding letter and has a corresponding prize.  Easy huh!

4. Don’t forget your kite!  Because you joined, you get a kite!  I got one!

TIP:  Playing under the sun means you need to be in your comfortable attire.  And also, I do hope you are none other Havaianas sandals (yes, not the other sandals…)  Also, bring towel for you will sweat a lot! :)  But truly fun!  When was the last time you really played those games?

I was in grade school when I last played Chinese garter (Wait a minute!  Is this a Pinoy game?)!  I aced it when I played a while ago.  I was also carrying JX at that time! hahaha Kidding!  I tried piko (just learned how today!) which was fun too but super tiring with all the jumping around!  I didn’t like sipa but played it anyway.  I only get to hit it once and the sipa drops unto the floor.  Bummer!  I didn’t get the chance to play patintero and tumbang preso because we had to go home.  Sleeping time for JX.  By the way, JX had fun with the sungka!  He was trying to eat the shells!

So, what are you waiting for?  Get dressed and head for Boni Hi because I’m sure there are a lot of goodies waiting for you there!

Lastly, they are offering 20% off on selected Havaianas slippers at the store ONLY FOR TODAY! Is it time to buy another pair?  Well, this is the right time!  Because you get to save 20% of the original price of Havaianas pair!

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