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La Regalade

La Regalade-18

A French Bistro…where I went 2x in this week…La Regalade-8
French Onion Soup (P200++).  If you like your soup to be sweet, you’ll like this.  My friend thought it lack the *kick* of an onion soup and she was right.  All we can taste was the sweetness of the onion.

La Regalade-9
Salad Regalade (P450++).  Loving this until today.  I was quite surprised to find the*kick* in this salad!  Shrimps, squid, bacon bits were generously distributed over the salad.  Oh and I’ve got to mention that it really spiced up my appetite.  I wish I didn’t have to share this with my HB though but of course, it wouldn’t be as much fun when you have someone to wrestle the last serving of the salad.

La Regalade-12

Navarin D’Agneau Aux Epices Et Abricots Secs (P750++). Stewed Lamb with Dried Apricots and Spices served with Rice Pilaf.   We had to tossle up the lamb meat over the carrots to let you see the portion.  Yes, this is good for two persons.  Actually, all their main courses are good to share.  You just have to order additional pilaf (P60).  We loved how the meat was tender and full of flavor.  There was hint of sweetness in the tomato sauce that the dried apricot have contributed to its taste.  On my second visit, we saw some apricot slices.  Slightly spiced with bay leaf remnantsin its sauce.  We ordered 3 rice pilaf for this.  As my HB would say, “Sa sauce pa lang, ulam na.” (The sauce is a dish by itself.)  And I definitely have to agree.

Word of Advice:  If you are going to reserve a table, you have to specify that you do not want to be seated on the couch near the entrance.  Aside from a bling sighting of the menu on the blackboard for the Specials, the staff tend to overlook your table.  We had to wave to catch their attention.

Please call to reserve to ensure you will have a table especially on a Saturday night.  We were there by 8.30pm which we were on time with our reservation and the tables were already occupied except for our table.

Lastly, I just need to vent this out…because this reception lady/ waitress really irked me…I asked for our table reserved under the name of Ms. xxx.  She didn’t even look at her list.  She asked for how many persons.  I told her, “For 3.”  And she was kinda upset.  I asked myself, “Where we late?  What time is it?”  She didn’t even tell me to wait.  Then here comes a couple (foreigner couple if I remember it right) which she spoke to in a proper manner.  What the…?!  Then she directed us to this couch at the corner…I asked if we may be seated in another couch which I was eyeing…(It was in the middle.)  but she told us that it was reserved (period).  Hmmm…fishy….but what can we do?  So, we obliged and went to seat in our corner couch.  Little did I know that this reception lady looked at me from head to toe.  Maybe I was not up to her standards but what the…?!  She had no right to judge me.  I was properly dressed and what did I do to her?  She was lucky I didn’t see that or else.  She even choose the people she would smile at!  This girl really made me mad…but me and my friend chose not to waste our time on her anymore…after a few minutes of venting out…hahaha  Anyway, good thing  all the other servers were smiling and approachable when we call on them.

La Regalade Manila
820 Arnaiz Avenue Makati City, 1226, Philippines
(in the middle of Paseo de Roxas and Amorsolo along Arnaiz Avenue formerly Pasay Road)
Telephone: +632 7502104, 750-2105

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