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Trip to Pagsanjan Falls

We had a purpose: to drive around Laguna and look for a new adventure. Little did I know, we would be going to Pagsanjan Falls. Sometimes, my HubbyBubbly have these ideas in his mind that suddenly, would come up with such adventure that my world would rock. Yes, I like to plan my day and it just throws me over when suddenly, plans change. I always tell HubbyBubbly to tell me what his itinerary are so I can be prepared in every way. There’s so much to take into consideration — attire (hahaha naturally!), things, time to pump out my milk (JX is also in my mind. JX & AD inseparable in my mind) and AD. In fairness to my HB, he warned me to bring our swimming attire but still, I was not prepared for this Pagsanjan Falls trip! I didn’t know that HB had been wanting to really go to Pagsanjan Falls so when he knew (because I asked for their rates. I know they have a shuttle transfer from Manila to 88 because I see those buses around Makati) from the 88 Spa and Resort that they offer such services, I knew that it was either we go to Pagsanjan Falls that day or the next time around. I knew better. We will be going to Pagsanjan Falls after having lunch at 88 Spa and Resort (I may or may not post an entry regarding what we ate there. :)). We finished lunch past 1pm and we were on our way to Pagsanjan Falls. As expected, my HB got sleepy after driving for an hour so who else would drive? Moi! Actually, I, too, was sleepy but if I let HB sleep for 20 minutes or so, we would be arriving late so I decided to drive (even if I plan to sleep then unload my milk while on our way). Plan disrupted! And so, I drove.

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-16 Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-29

1st photo: 1st waterfalls we saw, even saw a rainbow! It was actually two rainbows. We were lucky that AD saw an actual rainbow.

2nd photo: 2nd waterfalls is the ONE! From afar, you can feel the cool breeze it brings. I was excited to go near but I knew that AD was afraid because of the loud sound of the waterfalls. Nevertheless, we still tried.

At first, he was hesistant but we told him we need to take our photos with the waterfall as the background. I think he understood that part so he agreed. Little did he know after that, we will be on our way to the waterfalls. What we did was to sit on the far right of the raft so we wouldn’t be directly hit by the waterfalls. Instead of letting AD see and face the waterfalls (it would aggrevate his fear) as we go to the waterfalls, I let him face me. HB was also at his back so he would really feel that he was safe. He was hugging me tightly and I could feel his fear. I talked to him during the entire trip (around 5minutes or less) and he eased a little bit. At last, we passed through the falls. It was beautiful! I loved it! AD was still afraid but at least, he was not in panic mode.

We were there inside the cave for only less than 5 minutes. HB had his ultimate waterfall massage for FREE for a few minutes. This is not recommended for people who have a weak heart and I guess, weak lungs. HB caught the cough and sore throat because he got cold (nalamigan).

AD was hesitant when we told him we would now return to the shore but we calmly explained to him that we would be there with him. He agreed. It was my turn to be subjected to the direct hit of the waterfalls. Ouch! It hurt but it was bearable, it was a hard massage. I had to signal them that I want to move on already. AD was with his Poppa this time. Again, they sat on the side where they would be barely hit by the waterfalls. And guess what? After the waterfalls, AD was already laughing! I guess he also enjoyed the trip after all.

Additional information: When we went to the waterfalls, we left our things at the shore. No problem with that since our boatman was there to guard our things. Since it was already late in the afternoon, there were not so many people. I guess if it was during peak hours on peak season, you need to be extra careful with your things. Check your things before leaving the waterfalls portion. It pays to be extra careful.

Massage Under Pagsanjan Falls-20

This is the usual scenario when we were traversing to and from Pagsanjan Falls. You would meet several boat with 2-3 people in it while 2 boatmen were maneouvering the boat. HB had fun. I did, too but I was kinda nervous about the whole trip. You know why? HB had his camera and I was afraid something would happen. Bad, bad me. AD was also nervous but we sang to ease his tension and enjoyed the ride. I remembered our kayak trip in El Nido, Palawan when AD turned 1yo. He was crying and squirming while I was holding him. I also didn’t enjoy the kayak trip because HB had his camera with him (the most important in the world…second to me, of course! tsk..tsk..) and he was the only one maneouvering the kayak. I was tensed! To add to my misery, there were jellyfish swimming around our kayak. We just sang songs he was familiar with so AD would be entertained and stop belting out.

I was impressed with the boatman’s expertise (since this is their livelihood). He knew when to get out the boat and get in to sail. He knew by instinct if there would be a boat in the opposite direction when we will traverse a one-way stream. Cool! I liked the way the boatman used his legs as his oar and the whole way going to and from the Pagsanjan Falls. I wish I was not as tense as I was and truly enjoyed the trip. Actually, I also want to experience the trip to Pagsanjan Falls come rainy season where the water would not be as calm and waterfalls will be more fierce than on summer season. Hmmm, I do hope by that time, AD would overcome his fear.

Here are some helpful tips (in addition/ related to my HB’s tips) when you plan to go to Pagsanjan Falls:

1. Be warned. As you approach the city where you can see resort’s banner and advertisement, there would be men running and riding on their bikes who would shout and lure you to avail their boat services. Do not be alarmed. Just drive and focus on looking for the resort you are going to. My mistake was stopping the car because I didn’t know that it was their strategy. They were shouting while we were passingby (it was so different in Tagaytay who also offer boat ride to Taal Volcano). All along, I thought that I violated something or I have to pay a “toll fee” for passing the street. I got furious. I do not like those kind of distractions when I drive.

2. Bring waterproof bag (small only) for your personal items (car keys, cellphone, money, extra tees if you want). We have but of all times, I didn’t pack it with us. Again, I need to be told on where to go. So sometimes, the supposedly surprise will be spoiled. My suggestion to this: HB to pack for me BUT still, he might not have the same thinking as me so I really prefer that I know where we will be going. KJ! hahaha Being the mother, I brought some food because I know somewhere along the way, AD would be hungry. And true enough, he was hungry.
3. Bring loose change. In the middle of the trip, there is a place where you can drink and eat for a while so the boatmen can also rest.

4. Put on sunblock on your face and body while you are on your way to Pagsanjan Falls assuming you have already changed into your swimming gear. It takes 90 minutes to get to the Paradise Resort from 88 Spa and Resort. Tie your hair.

5. Be prepared to get wet especially during rainy season. If you are with kids, this is the best time because the water is more calm and the waterfalls are not big compared to the rainy season.

6. Bring your aquasocks.

7. Try to go under the Pagsanjan Falls either ask the rafter that you are interested to be under or just passby the Pagsanjan Falls. This is not for people with weak heart and lungs. When you are under the falls, whew! Heavy feeling! Literally, the water was really pouring down on you! I even imagined that if there was a knife, I would have been killed right that moment. What an imagination! That’s why, I asked the rafter to go on after 30 seconds of being subjected to that heavy pouring of water.

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  1. Says:

    I’m so jealous you got to go to a place with water spraying all over you.. It’s SO HOT here in Manila :( But I know what you mean about the feeling of being caught unaware and unprepared… I’d have thrown a minute-long hissy fit. haha!

  2. Cookie Says:

    I want to be there also. It’s so hot.

  3. Says:

    oh maaan. the last time i was there, we just ate in this restaurant in the town. we didn’t even get to the falls. i brought my swimwear, thinking we’d be swimming - and i didn’t even get splashed on.

  4. Says:

    My mom is from Laguna but I’ve never been to Pagsanjan! Imagine that! I think it’s time to schedule a trip! Heehee!

  5. Mike Lopez Says:


    How old was AD when you took him to Pagsanjan?


  6. ann Says:

    is it ok to go to pagsanjan falls for a swimming even if were not taking a boat ride just for fun and experience on the swimmng at falls?, thank you

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    This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me.
    Thanks a lot!

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