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Do you remember this grilled liempo…or Garaje-7

Garaje-3…the guy in white tee at the rightmost of this photo?

If you do not remember either of them, most probably, you are not from DLSU or not the Garaje crowd. I would think that most of the DLSU students know Garaje and have eaten there once or twice or maybe every lunch break.

We would usually eat there when we have longer lunch break or we are already on our way home because of the long queue and the smokey smell after eating at Garaje. I loved having their grilled liempo (then @P20-P25 VS now @P40 or P45 per slab, if I do remember it correctly) then and now. I would mix the soy sauce with catsup and dip the pork unto the sauce. Hmmm….Love and missing it!

This is now the Garaje! Now, that’s why we got lost because they have transferred to this new location. Who would’ve thought that we would still get to eat here? Students were scarce because it was their semestral break but otherwise, the place would be jampacked.

Garaje-9 Garaje-8


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4 Responses to “Garaje”

  1. Says:

    I’m not familiar with the place but there’s a place inside Ateneo, named “Manang’s” that’s similar to Garaje. They’re also famous for their liempo.

  2. Says:

    The last time I ate there (about 5 or 6 years ago) I think one order costs around 60-80 pesos :) Not a bad deal for me, because aside from getting delicious liempo, I also get to be called “Ms. Byutipool” by Manang. haha!

  3. helen aranda Says:

    im id 94 (we were still issued the mini paper id where you put on a sticker evry term hehe) and we love garaje..the old place is better and nearer..when i came back to teach part-time in 2000, they already transferred and the old place was occupied by a new biz selling cookies tended by uniformed maids..what a way to dishonor the mighty liempo!..

    i follow your husband’s blog and im glad you have decided to take a step into the are such a cool, young couple :)

  4. marge Says:

    i miss garaje and the inihaw na pulang hotdog

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