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Cerealicious - Are you Delicious?

I was still pregnant when we tried Cerealicious along Taft Ave. I was craving for something cool and different from what we have been frequently eating and we thought of this place which we have been hearing about. I knew instantly it was like Ice Monster because of their name, Cerealicious. Cerealicious uses cereals as their main ingredients.

Cerealicious-9 Cerealicious-7 Cerealicious-10

Jumango, The Gummi Returns and Cashewblanca (P43 for trailer bowl and P85 for blockbuster bowl). Cereals + Milkshake + Toppings + Ice cream (for the blockbuster bowl only).

One of their bestseller - Jumango. As expected. Usually, almost anything with mangoes are a sure hit! We ordered The Gummi Returns because AD loves gummi bears so this is a treat for him! The gummi bears were the first one to be gone. I love to eat cashew so we got Cashewblanca. I can’t really recall what cereals they mixed in our orders but based on the photos, Jumango had honey crumble+corn flakes, The Gummi Returns had mini mallows + honey stars and cashewblanca had brownie bits + coco crunch. At first, I thought the milk tasted different and wondered what it was. It is only now that I knew it was a milkshake not your usual milk.