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Be Our Guest @ Solomon’s

We have been wanting to eat here for the longest time and at last, we were given this opportunity. We were with our friends, Lex and his wife, who just lives nearby Solomon’s and first time to also dine here.

Solomon Guest House-5

You can dine the al fresco style but we preferred to dine inside. AD was with us so it was a no-no to eat outside because it is just a walk away from the gate where there are cars (although the driveway was not that wide but even so). And of course, because it’s cooler inside.

Servers here are the CSB students who are on their practicum year taking up Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management so do not expect them to be professional servers. They would naturally be nervous and still polishing their serving skills. So please expand your patience with them.

Solomon Guest House-12

Solomon Special Panini (P95). Nothing great. Still love the Cibo’s paninis.

Solomon Guest House-9

Fish Panini (P65). We didn’t order this but I guess, it tasted okay.

Solomon Guest House-10

Chicken Pesto Linguini (P75). We didn’t order this one…I guess this is the same pasta as the parm crusted fish below.