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Chinatown’s Crepe de Chine

Chinese New Year doesn’t mean you have to eat every hour of the day so you can have bountiful food blessings on your table the whole year round doesn’t it? But that was just what we did! Oh my, oh my! What a shameless admission! No wonder, I can’t still fit into my size 2 pants (Dream on, Mrs. OAP!) hahaha…But who can resist not eating good food? Raise your hands…Ok, I’m guilty! Well, it’s just so hard to stop oneself when faced with such irresistably looking food.

It started when we joined (again!) IvanManDy’s Woking Food Tour

Binondo Dragon Cafe Mez & Dong Bei

We watched the dragon dance as it passedby the Plaza. We went and swiped off the fried brown rice and hot clear fishball soup at Cafe Mezzanine. Next stop was one of our favorite dumpling place, the Dong Bei. They do offer frozen dumplings for take home at 30 pcs for only P200! The fried ones are 3-4 pcs for P100. I think they also have buy 3 or 5 and take 1 free! Cool!

And then, we ended the day with this food feast…

Crepe de Chine's Food
CDC Crepe Roll (P180), Pasta Nepolitina (P190) and Pizza Crepe (P130).

CDC Crepe Roll. A delicious blend of assorted greens toped with grilled chicken slices, tomato wedges and pineapple tidbits drizzled with our special CDC sauce. Perfect for those who want to eat healthy and be full.

Upon seeing this crepe salad, I wanted to take my fork and have a taste of it but AD suddenly asked for a taste of it so….ok, I sliced a portion of it and gave it to him. Hmmm, he liked it! How did I know? Because he didn’t spit the food out of his mouth and still asked for it. After waiting, I quickly got the fork and plunged into the crepe. Verdict? It was deliciously made. You can never go wrong with the honey mustard sauce which is sweet and tangy in taste. Just think of this way, your favorite salad placed inside the crepe. Nice thinking! The crepe salad was also with ham (which is dangling its tail), egg wedges, and cheese that added points to this crepe. You feel healthy eating it because it is a salad crepe but with the cheese and egg in it…uhm, you’ll think twice ordering it again the second time around on that visit. Maybe on your next visit!

Pasta Nepolitina. A sweet and spicy combination of bacon, mushroom, olives and sundried tomato that will explode in your mouth.

Why was this too sweet for my tooth? I didn’t get to appreciate the taste of the sundried tomatoes and olives because I was bothered by the sweetness it came with. I know I would’ve loved this pasta if only they hadn’t put too much sugar in it and not too mention it was swimming in oil (even if it was olive oil). No spiciness detected by my palate.

Pizza Crepe. Taking our crepes one step further! You truly won’t go wrong with this one.

Before I can really appreciate this one, my HubbyBubbly suddenly finished this off. I just got a slice and that’s it! AD just got two slices. Must be that good huh :)

HubbyBubbly’s right! It’s the thinnest pizza in Manila! Taste like the REAL regular pizza since it was with the usual tomato sauce and cheese except for the crust. Simply nice to try.

Crepe de Chine's Dessert Crepe

Mangoteena (P155) and Mad Nutter (P165) Dessert Crepes.

I was already full when we had these desserts but that didn’t stop me from eating! I had to compare the crepes when it was served to us…the Mad Nutter was bigger in size. The banana was thickly sliced while the mango was thinly sliced, I wished it would’ve been the opposite as I love love mangoes. The bits you see in the photos are corn flakes which was a good addition to the dessert crepes. AD just couldn’t wait to get his hands on these desserts especially the ice cream. This would be the typical scene when he sees the desserts…he would quickly grab the plate and touch/ get the food and put it into his mouth. He is that fast that you won’t have time to react.

TRIVIA: Don’t you notice that the two food items we ordered had Tina/ Teena on them? I wonder why?…I didn’t get too ask. I was too tired to think.

After indulging ourselves, we decided to burn it off…(if only that was easy!) How? We simply went UP, UP and UP the tallest building in Manila!


Whoa! If you have been there with us, you would also love the scenery! We were on the helipad level and we can see the whole Manila without any obstruction…the plaza with so many people gathered around, Jones bridge, City Hall, Port Area, Intramuros and those moving tiny vehicles in&out of Manila. Wish we could have stayed longer but our AD was already tired and was already wanting to go home. With just a click here and a click there…we were already on our way down…Can’t wait for our next visit up there!

But you know what? I’ve got this great idea…Just between you and me…

This place could be your next venue for your Valentines’ date with your loved one! Super nice and I’m sure the lady you will bring to this place would fall in love with (not you!) this overlooking view of the Manila especially at night. All you need to do is create your ambiance…table & chair or maybe just a cloth to sit on…some music as a background…live or from a mp3 player…whatever you do, the ambiance will surely make up for it. One more thing, I’m not sure if the building owner is open to this idea but why not try it…after all, you’ve just got one chance and it is just too good to let it pass. Better to visit them and see the place for yourself and maybe close a deal with them on the V day. Good luck to you!

Ample parking space (in the bldg., parking entrance is at the back of the building) and free Wifi!

Crepe de Chine

Closed on SUNDAYS

Basement of World Trade Exchange Building

215 Juan Luna St., Binondo, Manila

Tel. No. +632.244.2270; +632.243.4867

HubbyBubbly’s post: Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is Happy New Year in Binondo

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    wow! nice!!! i would love to try crepe de chine:)

  2. arlyn Says:

    i attended a wedding last night and i overheard a friend of mine talking to another friend of her named “Tina” about this place.. i think dahil dun sa friend nya na yun kaya puro tina ung mga names ng food :)

  3. fran Says:

    looks yummy! we joined ivan’s tour naman last saturday sadly no dragon dance pa during that time. will definitely try crepe de chine next time i visit binondo :) btw, aidan is supppperrr cute!!

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