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All-Day Makati Parking at P45

New Glorietta Parking

How much do you pay for all-day parking in Makati? P40 for 4 hours then P10/ hour for the succeeding hours right? So, if you go the the office by 7.30am and leave at 5.30pm, you will pay for P100 per day. Nowadays, it is costly to bring a car not to mention gasing it up huh! That’s why I also plan my day properly as not to waste gas, money and time going around the metro. If not for my kids, I would still be commuting to and from my destination because at times, I find it more convenient than driving.

Anyway, I just want share with you what I’ve just discovered. There is a cheap parking fee in Makati! It is even right at the mall area! Do you know the new Glorietta builidng where the new Anson’s is? The building beside Makati Shangrila and right across Landmark? The building which occupied the open parking lot before.

Well, GOOD NEWS to people out there who loves to stay in Glorietta the whole day or goes to office near the area (such as 6750 bulding), that new building which they now call the new Glorietta building just charges P45 all day! Woohoo! Isn’t that cheap for a parking fee in Makati?!

Here’s the catch…they inform you when you get your ticket from the machine that it is unmanned. In short, no guards to look after your cars (although at the time I was there, I saw a guard or two). So there! Would you prefer to pay P100 per day with guard roaming around and “looking after” your car or P45 per day?

Oh by the way, this is only until 14 February 2008! You’ve got at least 3 weeks of low parking cost until you find another affordable parking fee once again.