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Joshua Xavier Diaz

Joshua Xavier Diaz.jpg

A name that Poppa A and I have been debating for several weeks already but at last, had decided to name Baby4, Joshua Xavier.

Why the name? Well, we wanted to get a saint’s name like Aidan has which is Dominic from Dominic Savio of Don Bosco. Joshua is known to be the leader appointed by God after the death of Moses. Coincidentally, Joshua is also the name of Aidan’s great grandfather. While the second name, Xavier was from Francis Xavier who had successfully led Christianity in the 16th Century.

Meaning of the name, Joshua Xavier? Joshua stands for God is salvation while Xavier is splendid and bright!

So, that’s about it. All we are waiting is for the arrival of our second angel. I am now close to my 38th week of pregnancy and excited to touch and hold our baby!

15 Responses to “Joshua Xavier Diaz”

  1. admin Says:

    Welcome to your SanrioTown Blog! We hope you’ll love it here. Be sure to check out the other features at

    Have fun posting!

  2. Cookie Says:

    Wow, that’s amazing!

  3. Fefotz Says:

    Nice name :)
    Congrats! I hope everything will go smoothly. I’ll keep you and baby in my prayers. Muaaahhhhh!!
    why baby4? not baby2? just curious…

  4. carina Says:

    why Baby 4? I thought this is just your second baby? :) Btw, nice name! God bless!

  5. bex Says:

    wow, beautiful names. its a shoti for aidan pala. =) Praying for safe and not so painful delivery. Congratulations.

  6. Says:

    The baby 4 thing IS intriguing! :D Lols

  7. dhanggit Says:

    giving name for baby girl is always easier than for baby’ve chosen a good one… congratulations!!

  8. Christian Silva Says:

    Congratulations on the new baby!

    I hope the delivery went smoothly.

  9. Didi Says:

    Achi Rache!! It’s a super nice name!! :)
    Will link you up! :)

  10. Mila Says:

    I hope the labor will be minimal and your baby is healthy. You’re in my prayers.

  11. jencc Says:

    rache! you have a blog na rin! exciting, hope delivery was smooth and non eventful =)

  12. tita len2 Says:

    Hi baby josh! mommy rache is probably in labor now as i write this comment.. hehe! cant wait to see you and smell your kili-kili!! im sure you’ll be as cute as kuya aidan.. *hugs&kisses*

  13. Ivan Says:

    Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)

  14. David Says:

    I like your stuff, even though i came here by accident!

  15. Doodee Says:

    Thanks for sharing

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