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Monggolian steamboat ♥

November 7th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

I’ve converted my diary into blog form nowadays since i was being so so tedious.. Boredom and sickness are killing me at the same time.. : ( M having ultimate sore-throat and i kept fart ( This is rude ! ) expel my toxic gas.. The recent weather is so inconsistent, you might be kissed by the sun in the morning, got damp by the small rain in the noon and immerse yourself in the flood regarding to the downpour at night.. Try to imagine, there are floods everywhere !! I’ve just read an article. It indicates a man was drowned while attempting to rescue his newly-wedded wife after both of’em were swept away by strong currents during a family picnic at a recreational spot. In the end, their love doesn’t stand ordeal.. How sad isn’t it ?

Mourn for few seconds . . .

The climate has changed, our mother earth is sick, why don’t we attempt to rescue her since we have got only one earth? Use environmental friendly insect repellent instead of insecticides like Ridsect, Mortein, Fumakilla etc. You can save the earth !! Here comes torrential downpour again, poor Leyley is running nose, i gazing up upon the sky, and wish the rain will stop soon but seems like the God doesn’t take possession on my prayer.. Perhaps He is too busy, but I believe that he does always love me.. I’ve bought a small teddy bear key chain from my bestie - Kelly.. I heart it much and the color fits with my ‘Ancient handbag’.. Went to a typical ‘crumbling’ restaurant to dine with my chums, guess what we had ? Monggolian steamboat and Thai feast !! Aww, we enjoyed to the max !!


Yummy yummy : )


Hawt-hawt steamboatie : )


Mouth-watering weh ~ : )


With my dear Kelly Kheng : )


Attire of the freaking cold day, seriously I love the pinkie dolled-up : )


Despicable smile of mine =p


My little baby girl : )


Added to the family :)


I bought this for only 2 bucks ~ Nice ? : )

Ciaoz ~

Benefits of balsamic vinegar ♥

November 6th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

I’ve just done with my facial and I feel so refreshing right now.. Whee :D Likewise, I made myself healthier by consuming a glass of Balsamic lemonade.. Does this makes sense to you? Well, lemme explicate it for you.. Balsamic is typical vinegar that made of white grape concentrated juice, malt, and multiple berries. They have been accumulated into a wooden barrel until the fermentation ( I guess so, it’s quite similar with how they formulate wines ) But Balsamic contains 0% alcohol and gives positive effects to our body. Instead of irrigate your inner body with bad substances ( Alcohol drinks I mean ), why don’t you try to make yourself a glass of Balsamic lemonade? It’s good for your health too !!

Here i indicate some benefits of Balsamic, take note : )

♥ It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which make it an effective remedy for treating infection and wounds.
♥ It can cure body pain and can use as energizer.
♥ It contains powerful antioxidant that called polyphenols which can fight cell damage and boost our immune system.
♥ Potentially protect against heart disease, cancer and other inflammatory conditions.
♥ It can boost the activity of digestive enzyme pepsin thus imporving metabolism.
♥ Control diabetes
♥ Reduce cholesterol level
♥ It contains antioxidant that may slower the aging process.
♥ Reduces the frequency of headaches.
♥ Prevent anemia, fatigue and cope with insomnia
♥ Suppress appetite so you won’t get gluttonous easily all the time.

See, so many benefits of Balsamic right ? Go to the hypermarket to grab one after you discover this !! : )

Photobucket” alt=”" />

The Balsamic, you can gulp it straight away or mix with some lemonade, depends on your preference. Yet, you can use it to season/marinade food or salad dressing..

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Lemonade that done by myself.. Lemon concentrated juice turn into alkaline ( Ignore the spelling, am art stream student ) once they are inside our body. It might neutralize our urine acid.. For those carnivores like me, I suggest you guys to drink this.. :D

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Done, an easy recipe right ? Since I’ve got alcohol allergy ( Though sometimes i insist to drink when m being with my alcoholic gang ) this one does substitute the liquors..

Photobucket” alt=”" />

I do it twice a week, tonight am gonna pamper my skin with the mask again !!

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Before that, am going to fold the clothes first.. This is the fruit of procrastination !! I’ve left them there for weeks ago up to now !! See, how slothful I’ve been..

Photobucket” alt=”" />

♥ Photo of the day ♥

Ciao people in the earth : )

Friday lomography ♥

November 6th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Definitely a lovely dayout with my hubby. The schedule : Off my butt from the bed, showered, dolled up, brunch at the vegetarian restaurant, tea-break at the coffee lounge @ Park Royal, camwhoring, visit my grandparents.. I gotta finalize this post since I’ve got another blog to post up next.. Stay tune ♥ : )

Photobucket” alt=”" />

A conventional Friday but it wasn’t a dull day ♥

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Self-obsessive Leyley comwhoring again ♥

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Sway away ♥

Photobucket” alt=”" />

I swing, you swing, we swing and spread our wings ~ ♥

Photobucket” alt=”" />

I solely heart this much !! ♥

Photobucket” alt=”" />

This pity leatherback turtle is suffocating since it needs to bear a weighty girl on it’s shell.. ( No worries, am not attributed to animal cruelty, it’s a replica of leatherback turtle ) *winks* : )

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Dear Daniel - the great thinker ? Nope !! He was thinking what should we have for our supper.. My gluttonous baby boy !!

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Lomography of mine ♥

Stay tune my pepo ♥♥♥

Gadgets makeover ♥

November 4th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

2321pm : Leyley is viewing the torrential downpour through her window.. She does look like a gawk and she has nothing to do with.. Why not she spend her idle time to complete her renovation task ? Oh !! I was having a really hard time in the evening, something really embarrassed me !! After dined with my bf, we went to the beach to take some puff fresh air.. Well, I was eaten too full and i wasn’t feel snug on my 25size pants, so i relief my tummy with loosen my pants - unzipped it ( I know some of you might consider me as a bawdy girl and did something dirty with my bf but am not okay !! ) I know I suppose to buy 26/27 pants since am FAT but don’t josh me !! I used to be thin !! ( Aeons ago :p ) Well, with my unzipped pants, I went down from the car and assigned my bf to snap some photos of me.. After done with the photo session, we went to the nearby KFC to have some chills, my bf said he was thirsty. Okay, we walked in, ordered for the food, find a seat.. A little girl kept looking at me and her expression was so so so weird and this finally freaked me out !! Gosh I promptly remembered that my pants was unzip !! Of cause I smile back to the little girl and she did me the same favor too. OMG !! CRINGED INDEED !! Well, you can consider me as a muddle worm, yes I admit it.. Digression digression !! I suppose to have a talk about my gadgets makeover..

Finally I did it !! Have a look at the photos.. I deleted the cringy photos and so forth you guys won’t laugh at me.. ( Just chuckle the fat Leyley without noticing her as well )

Photobucket” alt=”" />

My handbag is sheltering my unzipped pants :p

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Ancient Ripcurl handbag makeover :)

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Pinkie polka dots ribbon and blingie beads did the job :)

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Bling bling ciggie holder, I heart it max :)

Photobucket” alt=”" />

This is for my darling Lycia, we share everything :)

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Darling Lycia the photographer, you deserve this :)

Photobucket” alt=”" />

For my dear Micky, the superb kawaiee Japanese girl :)

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Carolina Herrera perfume, a gift from my dear Daniel ( To compensate my cringy occurrence )

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Time for maga-maga ~

Ciao pepo in the earth :)

My treasured Romania hitz ♥

November 3rd, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

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Perhaps they should have diverse styles : )

November 3rd, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Since there’re loadsa people who complaint about my handbag, they said it is typical fossil ancient thing, ( Despite it wasn’t turned grizzled and applicable still ) I should make a radical change on it !! But how i gonna do ? Hmm, my darling Lycia suggested me to knot a ribbon onto the stripes.. I guess it’s a good idea for me since I am super duper ribbon lover verily !! : ) Later will go to the town to get some lovely and captivating ribbons to start my handbag renovation work !!

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Antique handbag of a venerable ancient lady ? I guess not that old rite ? :p

Photobucket” alt=”" />

You know ? I do love the design despite it’s oldness : )

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Well, am going to embellish my ciggie holder too, gotta get some blingies to garnish it up !!

Photobucket” alt=”" />

I paint my toes red in order to fulfill my idle time too : )

Photobucket” alt=”" />

My favorite nail enamel - Revlon Red Hot Tamale

So, am going to attach the new photos of’em right after I done with the renovation task .. Stay tune ~~

Rejuvenate my dried blog :)

November 2nd, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Yea i know.. The words are evaporated from my blog since i stride into my degree programme. ( Almost half of a year I think ) : p Hitherto, I’ve pass through those hectic seasons and now m free !! ( the excuse for a slothful pig that lazy to rejuvenate her blog :p ) M being prompted by a sudden impulse, I wanted to imply something to certain people that who are not appease with their life. Look at the mirror, cogitate yourself. Think again why did those dreadful things come to you, did you did something wrong ? Did you offended somebody ? Do always believe the fact of karma before you act. Thinking - Analysis - Assuming - Thinking - Decision making are the steps that you tend to follow owing to get a good decision. Again, think of the cause and effect since they really exist. Trust me .. Don’t blame others, they are just passengers of your life. You must dominate your own life and not rely on the others !! ( Especially for some girls that always bond with their bf ) Come on girls, we’re dependable !! Don’t you think your bf is suffocate if you don’t lend him some spaces to breath ? No doubt, he won’t accuse you for your behavior but in fact you are aggravating his burden !! Girl, your bf needs to work. Maybe you’re a pampered girl so you don’t know the afflictions that he needs to cope with. He fights alone and your role is to comprehend him, give him warm embrace, show him your tender instead of nagging him !! Give him some gaps, and perhaps he will loves you more. Be a considerate and lovely gf. Sweep away your tears, you look gorgeous with the smile hanging on your face !! : )

Oh yea, I went for a night-out with my girls couple hours ago. Yoga, dinner, and palatable parfait for supper !! Aww, I gonna gain weight again again and again !! But who cares ? My life is so gratifying huh !! Btw i bought a purplish ciggie holder when i dropped by Shell to fuel my ( SLK the green pony ) I ♥ it ! Talk about the parfait.. It’s so so so mouth-watering especially when it melts in your mouth.. Am sure all of us will patronize the ice-cream shop again.. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream is the personalized slogan of the shop !! Hye look !! A cow is jumping over the moon and it’s time for me to sleep !! Good night world ciao people :)

Here I indicate some photos of the day :))

Photobucket” alt=”" />

Our mouth-watering parfaits :)

asd” alt=”" />

Their personalized slogan : I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream !! :)

Photobucket” alt=”" />

My ciggie’s purplish homie :)

Pampered myself today : )

April 26th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Been prompted by my sudden mood , so i indulged myself by did some body spas , facial , aroma therapy , and body massage moments ago .. Feel kinda refreshing and relaxing right now .. Well , i did’em by myself because it’s quite costly and usually the shop out there will over charge us as we didn’t notice it .. Since u have all the materials , why don’tcha do it urself ?  : ) Thrifty - learn it ! Well , i use Mary Kay Botanical Customized Skin Care Set 2 and Mary Kay Oil free gel for my facial .. As normal facial routine : cleanse , masque , toning , hydrating and moisturizing .. I strongly recommend Mary Kay Oil Free Gel to all of u .. Since i used it ( of cuz i used it continously ) , hitherto my skin condition had changed ! Before it used to be rough , greasy and uneven tone ..  But now , my skin turned like babyskin good and look much healthier ! I didn’t apply any sunblock on my face because it is already night .. Sunblock will clog ur pores if u apply it on ur face during ur sleeptime thus don’t use it in the night , so does bb cream too , remember , NOT AT NIGHT !!

Introducing Mary Kay Botonical Set 2  : )

Mary Kay Oil-free gel

Okay , after have the skincare routine done , i did my body spa then .. I used Mary Kay Red Tea & Fig set .. 1st , the body shower gel to get my body cleaned , followed by scrubbing with using the scrub .. Nourishing my entire body with the very smooth and moisturizing body lotion .. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and wont become greasy and sticky like other lotions do ..

Of cause i wont miss up with the aromatic therapy , because i love the fragrance so much ! Mary Kay Deo Body Spritzer , i sprayed it and let the very pleasant odour spread in the room , kinda refreshing and soothing !  Enjoying the fragrance while have my body massaged on the Ogawa massage chair under the air-cond breeze .. ( it’s freaking hot hot weather indeed ! ) p/s : No massaging within 1-3 days during ur menstruation , u will bleeeeeed-non-stop cause of the force from vibration ..

Pampered the external body yet not enough , girls must consume rich food too .. My mama braised the very disgusting birds’ saliva mouth-watering bird nest for me.. Edible bird nest is supposedly rich in nutrients which provide health and beauty benefits .. Thank you my beloved mama : )

The sticky sticky but rich in gelatine that provide protein and collagen food .. My favorite , not only mine i guess , is every girls’ : )

After get’em done : )

Ops ~ Dear calling .. Pillow talk is the sweetest part in the night : )

Signing Off …

I’mma missy camwhore with so much narcissism : )

April 21st, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Peekaboo ~ Narcissistic pieces uploaded : )














 Signing off …

Her boyfriend narration from a frolic girl : )

April 21st, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

I’mma girl who enjoys outings , and i insist to do what i like , no one can resist me as well .. Neither my parents nor family nor buddies .. But there’s someone who has the permission to control my life and i’ll be his full-time obedient girl , sometimes :p .. He’s not only my boyfriend but also be claimed as my spouse ! My Dear Daniel ( i love to call him like that , kinda sweet huh ? ) .. Well , let’s do some narrations about him .. Ehmm ..  He’s kinda cute living thing , a lovely doll , a sweet hard candy , milky doughnut etc as long as the food assorted to the sweet dessert group .. Wat a narration !! Seriously , he is the best man ever i met before .. Of cause i’m not trynna offend my ex-ex before , but comparison is an importance you know ? Because life is a race ! You’ll lose behind if you just standing in the main land , run run and run further until u found the next station in your life .. He is my harbour , my shore after i struggled in the middle of the sea , my nest and bird mama who teaches me fluttering skills , cares for me .. Certainly he doesn’t mean the non-living thing at all , instead these are my uncommon analogy to praise his great .. He’s the man who has the sweetest smile , profound look with his small eyes , middle-tanned skin , tall height , slim body , nice odour without any deodorant , perfumes or colognes , rough but steady hardworking palms .. He has a pair of thin ears too , that’s why , he is being an obedient boy all the time .. I’m hello kitty lover , and he shares my enthusiasm too .. I had hungered for solitaire diamonds , and he worked really hard to get’em for me .. I involved in gold investment , and he involved as i advised him so .. ( Too bad the dramatically depreciation of the gold currency :< ) He has already  planned for our marriage ..  You guys would say : So fast ? For what ? Lmao , etc .. Right ? Well , here’s my advice for every couple here , don’t ever think you’re still young to collect money or plan for future okay ? If you think like that , i’m here to mock you : SEAWEED BRAIN !  Start it now , buddies .. Try to save 100 bucks , at least 50 bucks per day and u may reap a bouquet of wealthy life in the future , don’t you wish for ? Start today .. Ehmm .. Sincerely thanks to my paternal auntie , she enlightened me ..  No five-stars dinners for usual hangouts , only for some special events like anniversaries , birthdays , with much considerations just can stretch the rule .. Thrifty , also known as frugality is what we should learn to be .. Not only for ourselves , but for our future descendants too ..

Attached for the blog embellishment :

Batch 1 : Old Rock Beach : )

Me and my him

It’s me out there : )  Personally love this photo muchie : )

Crab alike ?

Yeah !!!

Should interlude with Olympic song !

Where’s my face ? Opsss -.-

Batch 2 : Love 8896 : )

Dear and mie in the car : )

It’s me with my hello kitty recycle bag : )

Signing off …

♥ Forgiveness + Frugality + Foremost-randomizes ♥

April 7th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Hitherto , i only have time to manage my blog , to rescue and moisturize it before it get dried by my hectics .. Well , been through the days , and now i got some realizations .. The first one - there’s too many visitors came across our life , gave us some memories even good or bad 1 , then they will passed by promptly inconceivably .. Everytime u glance back , they disappeared because they jz came once , either to raise u up or overwhelmed u .. Sometimes , u will be glad for their appearance but sometimes u might be dismay .. But u must appreciate them however on , because they taught u thus u learnt something from them without noticed .. Maybe u dun have the affinity of being with the person in long term , but at least they appeared in ur life , once .. So , dun hatred neither ur enemies nor persons whom threatened u nor the one who hurt u once .. Appreciate them , although u’re not willing to do so .. Forgiveness is so much vital yet it gives every mortals vitality and the strength to live on .. I apologize sincerely if i ever offended anyone of u , whom ever read this blog or not .. Well that was the first thing i learnt .. (Forgiveness) .. The second lesson i learnt was happiness consists in wanting little , dat sounds so good to me , especially for girls .. Well , i’m kinda fastidious girl who always pursues for every single things , from the top to the bottom .. I wan it best since i was a pampered only daughter and a girl dat is always being fickle in my affections .. My bed and two huge baskets have already fulled with furies while there’s some dresses leaking out from my 4-doored wardrobe .. It’s terribly fulled ! Hence , i’ve packed up the repelled 1 in two huge plastic bags and get ready to contribute them to the charity .. My fren lent me her help by the way .. See , the way i spent didn’t cost-effectively at all thus it’s only demonstrate that i’m a noobie all the time ! I promised myself , that i will spend my money in the right way , only for gold and property investment and with my dear .. : ) My paternal aunty is keeping an eye on us and i know she will be eavesdrop our conversations so we will be on the right track ! (Frugality) , and i learnt , not almost , but a least a single part that better than nothing ..

It’s a sweet part for me now cause im gonna embellish this post with some pitchas , u know , it’s my occasional routine , or u may narrate it as my blog’s dependence too .. This my word : A complete blog must be attached by pictures as well .. : )

Dear ♥ me .. Photo taken in the car : )

And this is my all-time-favorite ! My first choice among all donuts : )

Guess where i got it ? McD the answer ! I want to collect 4 of them by the day but too bad it will only launch a new one after wholly sold out of the previous 1 ..  : ( 

This photo indicates my farewell to the Giordano blue surrounded lens .. I wore it for the last time in the night ..  

Whee ~ My honey bee - DearDaniel with ♥

I’m showing the toy .. My mama said i looked like sorceress in this photo , maybe my grey lens attribute to the mystical look ?

My anata is showing the toy , too  : )


Our pIpOpIpO ’ trademark ‘ ♥

The enthusiasm of self-capturing came across my mind ~ so so .. =p 


Either the expression / posture seemed to be .. WEIRD huh ? But my paternal aunt said she likes this photo uppermost : )

Signing off …

Retro レトロ ♥

March 28th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Love is in the air : )

I’ma cowgirl ~ Whee ~ : )

I didn’t noticed dat dear took this photo of me .. -.-”

Mie , in da car : )

In the shadow :  )

Snapped this photo - the roofless car ! Kinda retro somehow : )

Ops ! It was my dear’s buddy ! : )


Redang Island Sumatime : )

March 28th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

It’s summer time ! : )  And i spent my summer in Redang Island .. 8 of us sheltered from the hot hot weather and went for a summer vacation to Redang Island . Participated by me , dear , liwei , liyin , yuanyuan , mandy , shirley , and chenhao .. Photos below indicate our sweet and unforgetable memories .. : )

It’s me at the jetty , wearing a ‘ Sisley ‘ pinkie singlet .. Dear bought this singlet for me because of the printing .. Look at the ‘ Sisley ‘ , similiar with my name right ? ‘ Sisley ‘ and ‘ Shirley ‘ : )

The weather was freaking hot and both of us forced ourselves to open our eyes larger to take this photo ..

We departed from the jetty .. Look at the filthy river .. : (

Me and liwei on the ferry .. The silly ferry kept beaten by the big and rough waves and cause most of us seasickness ! 6 of us got vomited during the journey while the only 2 were fine .. And now , i’m being frightened to sit on a ferry again ! : (

Finally we reached our destination .. Laguna ~ : )

The resort we accomodated , our room was faced to the garden .. Sucha nice view .. : )

The lovely flowery wreath .. : )

Introducing the diving centre : )


The night view at Moremoretea inn : )

Wating for the sunrise : )

The paradise !!!

Little fishie in the crystal clear sea water : )

The seaview .. A tranquil place with fresh air and cool sea breeze : )

The welcome beverage : )

The unforgetable scene ..

A high ingestion  : )

Mie , with the banana boat : )

Variety of fish ..

Liyin and I : )

Mie and Liwei : )

More photos please kindly add me in facebook .. w.shirley_89@hotmail.com : )


Narcissistic uploads : )

March 27th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

The very self-intoxication photos from Leyley again : )




Can u see my dirty frog behind  ? : )

Mie , with the hat : )

狂気の女の子 !!

Dear Daniel ♥  Leyley


3rd Celebration for my 21st BiGday : )

March 26th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

I really celebrated my 21st birthday for 3 rounds and i really meant it ! 3 celebrations with different persons assorted by my alcoholic gang , my beloved paternal aunty , my bestie liwei and the girly gurls .. : ) And i’m gonna celebrate the forth one with my bestie dahua , the fifth one with my lovely jiayi and so on .. I feel like im being the lucky one cuz everyone is comprehending me , no matter where they are .. Thanks girls , and i really touched .. : ) Well , the 3rd celebration goes this way .. 8 of us including Me , Dear ( Dear is being with me all the time ) Liwei , LiYin , Mandy , Yuan Yuan , the teacher and Liwei’s cousin were just came back from Redang Island in the noon .. After some midday naps , we met each other at Secret Recipe .. Dear came to fetch me , he makes the car atmosphere romantically by put on my favourite songs and a bouquet of sunflowers .. Too bad i missed to snap the photo of the flowers as my mind kept on reminded me to snap the photos of the celebration .. But anyway , i’ll always remember the entire look of da pre-withering flowers  .. I really love the way he expressed his words by actions for me because i do like actions beyond the words as action is what he really did and words may come out with empty promises .. In addition , dear lent my favorite CD to the staffs and commanded them to play the CD for me .. The songs played and i started to feel strange , cuz most of the songs are my favorite songs and the album seemed to be familiar to me .. Apparently , i realised that it was the CD ! The songs i burnt and saved into a Hello Kitty CD ! Dear really did a lot for me and i really touched ! That’s my cake - a barbie chocolate moist cake ! I was fascinated by the entire look of the cake cuz it was really amazing and fantastic ! Omg Omg Omg i kept remain these words as i was totally excited and shocked with the scene ! The barbie doll cake with 21 candles , alphabets fries , french fries , seafood spring rolls drooled all of us up ! Shrp .. We enjoyed the feast followed by some ordinary birthday celebration routine .. It was simply delicious brought by the cake and snacks and we were having a good time there .. Hence , some photo sessions wont be missed too ! Our next station was the playground nearby Zie’s Corner as the buddies wanted to seek back their childhood .. All of us related the concern and talk about our future mutually beneath the starry starry sky .. I really miss da time and how could i wish all of them were here now .. But they had already gone back to their hometown by the second day .. Buddies , i’ll gonna miss u all and wait for my presence in this incoming Aug if there’s a sem break for me .. Otherwise , i’ll catch up with u all next summer - another trip to Redang Island again !  Revoyez - vouz ! : )

My third birthday cake , the barbie one : )

My lovely cake from my dear : )

Mie with da cake : )

Liwei , mie , and the cake : )

Gurly girls : )

Cherished : )

My babe and I : )

The back view : )

Buddies : )

Say cheezy cheeze : )

I cut off the cake in this way .. : )

The piece of mine : )

Imma’ sex maniac , taking off the barbie’s cloth .. Whee whee whee =p

Birthday treat : )

Liwei & Leyley : )

Family photo 1

Family photo 2

Family photo 3

Unlimited wishes from the bunch of gang inside the red red packet .. Totally appreciated .. : )

My barbie in nudity .. Gotta buy her some attires : )


Random uploads : )

March 21st, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

With my dear at Gossip Kitchen : )

The gluttonous boy is consuming his meal : )

I wore the ‘ DON’T TEST ME’ t-shirt  : )

My baby : )

The deli-dessert treat from the boss ! : )

I’m in love with the design of this dinner table pad : )


Me , before the dayouting : )

Me again : )

Me and my hubby dined in supper at Killeney a couple days ago : )

Hubbie , Bebie ..

Our beverage - Roselle and Barley lemonede : )

My little boi is driving : )

Me , equiped with full white apparel : )

Filled our stomach @ McD : )

This is my dear : )

And this is me !!! : )


Dear … 

The 1st pic taken from me by the new cam : )

Signing off …

Belated updates - My 21st bigday : )

March 20th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Been through the hectic days and finally now it’s time for me to blog again ! Well 1st , i would like to thank to kelly kheng , ah fatt , ah siang , ah liang , uncle lim , auntie lim , wei xian , wei han , pokahantu , my grandparents and of cuz my dearest sweet heart for spent me da time to celebrate my 21st birthday party .. i really appreciated wat u all did to me , especially my dear .. he had did the best thing for me dat i unexpected and he will always be the best spouse in the world ! we really celebrated it prudently on the actual date ( 11th mac ) ! the celebration can be narrated as steamboat and red wine party ! credits to kelly for the expensive premium red wine , even i still failed to finish the last drop in the glass ! thanks and i love u all so much ! : ) the night was awesome and embellished with my dear’s very own decoration - pink balloons and ribbons with such lovely wishes for me .. : ) but there’s a sad incident happened in the night too .. damn it my camera spoilt because of my clumsiness ! i forgot to turn off the power and it operates by itself for almost 6 hours ! lastly , it was returned to the factory .. : ( i was so frustrated and fed up cuz i really can’t live without my camera .. therefore , my dear bought me a new one on the second day as my birthday gift .. samsung st550 , the very first double lens cam ! : ) and here’s a good news to share with - my bff feichin had give birth for her baby boy on the day too ! so both of us have the same birthdate .. the baby boy ( unnamed yet ) is so so adorable ! scroll down for further photos pls .. feichin told me her experience of giving birth and now i become phobia with pregnancy ! but i realise the happiness beneath the pain as well and it’s totally worth with all the pain and wounds that come out with a new life , a new hope and a new generation ! : ) baby , auntie leyley wish u grow safely and healthy .. u must be a good good boy when u grown up ya ! well , yesterday was my birthday in lunar calendar too and i celebrated with my dear , poka and my grandparents .. too bad the old folks rather eat the keropok lekor we bought from losong than the ice-cream cake ! but as long as they love the food so much , i’ll always buy for them .. such a caring and understanding grandchild rite ? =p .. and i’ll always be .. : ) yahoo ~ i will go to pulau redang on this monday .. finally i can escape myself from this clamoring city ( although it is not clamor somehow ) to the tranquillity island .. and it will be my very 1st experience there , although im a local .. sounds good rite ? = )

The loyal donut lovers’ breakfast after they starved for 2 hours ..

Ley , the skillful chauffeur : )

The longevity god of the day : )

Changed my attire , on the way to visit mummy Feichin and the newborn : )

baby : )

かわいい : )

Baby boy : )

愛らしい : )

赤ん坊 : )

The night , the steamboat partay begins : )

Contrived by my dear : )

Simple , but the best : )

Compliment from my bestie dahua : dear’s handwriting is awesome !

The naughty big guy is trynna to burst the ballon and i was sked : (

Finally my camera breaks down .. : (

p/s : Further photos will be uploaded by kelly via facebook then i shall post’em here asap ! dun miss out my unique birthday cake and the photos we snapped on da dae ! stay tuned ~ : )

My birthday in lunar calendar : )

Celebrated with my aunty .. : )

Me , with me ice-creamie cake : )

Wat’s she pondered for ?

Baby is enjoying the cake : )

My birthday presie , from kelly , liang , fatt , siang , emly and my dear : )

Birthday presie from my dear : )

Hello Kitty speaker from dear too : )

Hello Kitty design tissue box from wei han : )

Hello Kitty photo frame from wei xian : )

Regards and wishes from them : )

Ang pao from uncle lim , my parents , and both sides of my grandparents : )

Lovely lacy apparel from my aunty - poka .. she bought it from taiwan : )

Pinkish gemstone bracelet from poka too : )

The tribalish style necklace from poka .. : )

Thanks so much and i really appreciate it ! For my bffs , though u far apart , but i still can feel the warm regards and pretty wishes dat u sent to me ! Because there’s some voices whispered me and thanks again from my sincere heart ! : )

 Signing off …

The D.I.Y gift : )

February 10th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Buon Pomeriggio ! Wie ~ Finally had my photo uploads done ! : ) I’m always an impatient girl , once i have my works done , i will directly post’em onto my blog . Otherwise , i will feel like somethin’ is disturbin me ,  the feeling will makes me uneasy overall ! And i will never neglect every single part of ma life , some trails gotta be retain .. Hence , the memories wont be faded by the time .. Sometimes , i’m being prompted by the blogging mood while sometimes i don’t .. So when the mood comes , i better represent it . I think i better have the the main point instead of narrating these rigmaroles ! Ok , it’s da time . Well , last night i bought the materials for my Diy Valentine’s gift . I used to shop alone in the night , no one was with me .. Dear came to me for the dinner only , as he needed to pick up his eldest bro at 8pm .. See , these are what i purchased and what i done last night .. Does it attribute to a great contrivance somehow ?

These are wat i purchased last night …

I’m in love with the cute butterflies : )

Started my work after a pillow-talk with my Dear ..

And this little girl is looking at me all da nite !

My D.I.Y label , nice ? : )

The ingredients

Have a closer look ..

Details …

My very own D.I.Y chocolate bar wrappers ! They are hello kitty and dear daniel dat signify both of us  : )

The essence , passion fruit fragrance .. Have a look on the label , it’s our shadows ! My very own D.I.Y label too ! : )

The D.I.Y incense burner , coated with my pinkie nail polish …

The back …

Finally it’s done ! My contrivance and my work ! Hooray ~

The gift box , i used the redish magpies and a huge butterfly for embellishment ..



A talk of Valentine’s gift ♥

February 8th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Valentine’s day is around the corner , more 6 days to go .. Coincidentally , 14th of Feb will be CNY too .. I believe some couple are in a dilemma , right ? And im one of them too .. I’m still confusing dat i gotta spend the day either with my family or with my dear .. Someone help me to get myself out of this predicament please ! After pondered for quite a time , i think i’ve made a wise decision .. I’ll spend the whole morning with my family while evening for my dear .. Ok , hopefully the thought wont be disrupted anymore .. Despite the day is coming soon , but honestly , yet i haven’t pack up his gift ! In addition , one of his gift ( a blazer I purchased online haven’t reach to me yet .. And Im here to complain the seller , she doesnt keep her words .. She claimed dat she will send out my goods within last week , but she broke her promise .. At last , she blamed the manufacturer ! I wonder if she is a profiteer and my money was swallowed by herself .. But i still insist to wait for it , until the Valentine’s eve .. Besides the blazer , I havesomething special , precious, and unique for him too ! Guess wat? A ****** soft toy dat’s so damn nice to embrace it ! A very creative French design doll and it could let someone extricate his fondness onto this thing ! Sounds strange huh ? Something full with temptation and can let someone fall in infatuation .. I will post the picture after he received the thing .. Secret 1st na ~ And to my cronies , please keep it as secret kie ? Besides , i decided to do some diy gifts for him too .. Been through yahoo and google , finally i found these .. 

 Perhaps these may inspire you and it does help me !

Chocolates in jars with love .. Grab the useless jars and do some decorations , let Hershey Hugs and Kisses to be the content .. And it’s environment friendly too ! : )

Very great idea , right ? Thanks to Tany , a very creative e-blogger .. : )

DIY gift box

The content .. A simplicity candlelight dinner ..

Simple but nice ..

So , any ideas to share else ? Comments needed ! : ) Wish every couple a very happy , romantic , and exulting Valentine’s day !


I’m Back (^.^)v

February 7th, 2010 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

It’s been a long time since i post my previous blog here .. Apparently , i was soso hectic all the time .. I used to be a temporary primary sch teacher , personal tutor , did some bargains on E-bay and Haiyo mall , helped my mama and auntie baked cookies , kept my room clean etc .. Despite of my busyness , i spent all my time favourably .. Hitherto , i’m so free to have my words here again .. : ) Moreover , i have to embellish this blog with the photos i snapped days ago .. This content indicates our ( me and my ♥ ) outing on 5/2/2010 .. Both of us were so frolicsome ! : ) Scroll down for further pictures ^^


Awaken by my dear in the early morning .. Have a look on my fringe , it’s still stood rigidity , like ‘coconut tree head’ my mom used to tie my hair when i was small ..

Showing off my new handphone housing .. Nice ? Credits to Yoyo ^^

The back view ..

I love my bling bling phone ^^

In the car , on the way to TMC

My dear daniel showing (’.^)v

Leyley showing (-.^)v

It was a cloudy day , so our ride was safe from UV rays and it couldn’t tanned me up !

The scenery , by the car window

Our breakfast @ Bigapple

The fattening but mouth-watering doughnuts ..

Consume my rich Mocchiato

Finger-licking , signified he really enjoyed the food !

See , such a gluttonous little boy .. With blissful expression ..

Ley , with the huge drum ..

My little boy with the huge drum ..

After some shoppings , it’s time to have a tea-break .. * Se-ta-ba-king *

Dear snapped this photo of me

And i did the same thing to him too .. : )


My little boy is consuming his beverage

Sometimes , he loves to act cute ..

And he wants me to do the same so

Our shades ..

Have a rest @ Tanjung Jara Resort , but unfortunatly the guard warned us camera is not allowed so i snapped this quietly .. The chalet , with such tropical breeze ..

Leaving …

Escape from the clamoring city , stepped ourselves at this beach with tranquillity ..

I’m in love with the sea deeply ..

An ingestion from high angle ..

Sometimes , i cant deny that i truly love suburb places , especially the places which are located near to the beach ..

Decade ago , Mild-7 took this place to advertise , interluded with the song ‘ 海阔天空 ‘ by Beyond

I nearly slipped down when i climbed up to the peak of the reef !

It’s me on the peak of the highest reef …

Me <3 my dear

The cool breeze blows gently towards me ..

Look at his pose , very weird right ? But he really loves to pose like this !

Im Sanrio and Hellokitty freak !

The lobster’s statue , we reached Marang region ..

Marang beach view ..

Mayor Dato Toh Chin Yaw is giving tangerines to the citizens ..

The god of prosperity

Mine and my dear’s tangerines , a new year blessing from Permai Inn ..

The accessories and shimmer powder i purchased ..




Being Idley -.-”

September 23rd, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Holidays .. i’m being idle all the times when i’m alone .. here’s a senseless creation from me .. awaken in the morning to do nothing , jz simply snapped this photo .. then , did some simple edit then posted it into my blog .. aww .. borinG .. :-(

They rely on and love each other .. Any comment ?

Belated Summaries ♥

September 22nd, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com


Polo leather handbag from my hubby .. Dear Daniel’s judgment at choosing woman’s gadget is good , this leather bag looks noble and durable .. Opsss .. the price tag is still there ! -.- ” Thx Dear ~ :)

Ley in red and white cubies .. Aww .. i was quarreled with my dear the nite , so i stayed with my kuku .. kuku as a love doc , consulted and cheered me up .. finally , i realised my fault began with my smelly hot temper .. i broke my promise again .. SHITTTT !!!

Someone asked me either im a siamese or korean dat day .. I told her i neither siamese nor korean of cuz ! im Leyese !!  She blurred ! xp

 Played with my kuku’s wig ! I love wiggies .. i never have such long hair before ..

I get it from my Mama , thx mom ! lastly , u gave me this key pendant .. it signify freedom .. and , i’m turning to 21 soon .. : (

Our buffet dinner .. ( to celebrate my very first day to be a teacher ) He looked exhausted .. of cuz ! he had been worked all the days .. to complete our ‘ one day 250 bucks ‘ mission .. and now , we did it ! it’s easy to gain 250 bucks per day .. for him la , for me .. NO !! hehe .. anyway , i oso paid Rm59 per day by Government , not bad oso wat …  -.-”

Happie outgoing .. It was a party and he was drunk !!! Noobie , he ain’t not an alcoholic ..

We gathered , we laughed , we shared , we enjoyed , we celebrated at the night !

 Love grows ~ by day ..




Hello Kitty Freakie !

September 22nd, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Exhausted , yesterday i came back from Kb .. really enjoyed the trip .. Lodged at Renaissance Hotel .. not bad , quite comfortable .. the night , we went to tanah merah to give away all the invitation cards .. the second day , we as shopaholics , shopped all the shopping centres ( although the place is quite bored ) including kbmall , billion , parkson .. we planned to go to the pelangi mall , but unfortunatly it closed .. harvests ? of cuz i gained .. no wonder , my happiness consists in love and shop .. well , i bought a Baverly Hills Polo bag , Nicole blouses , Pierre Cardin Lingerie set , Elianto nail polish and bb cream .. i was in love with a Guess handbag , but the zip of the displayed one spoilt .. since it was the only one , so i must terminate my fondness for it .. hmm .. nvm , i still owned a polo handbag anyway ^^ of cuz , we bought some mooncakes as the mid-autumn festive is coming soon .. i bought a basket of cookies for dahua , my grandma and my kuku , while my family got choco flavored mooncakes .. kelly’s wedding is around the corner .. i’m so glad for this pair of newlyweds eh .. i was famished for food jz now , so i went to kitchen to find something to fulfill my stomach .. initially , i hunted for some cornflakes but i cant found it .. so , i asked my mom .. who knows , my dad replied me , he said he ate all da cornflakes .. uhhh .. chicken ate all da cornflakes !! dear chicky .. aiks aiks .. nvm , had 3 pieces of chipsmore .. pity me , eat nothing since my breakfast with kelly .. my relatives went back already , can’t see my little cousin eh .. he’s so adorable ! with redish cheek , baby skin .. but , he’s a pampered son , since he is an only son too .. next friday will be my uncle beng’s wedding day eh , i haven’t buy a new dress yet , so maybe will go to a window shopping with my bestie dahua tmr .. dahua is back ! can hang out with her again .. oh ya .. i jz bought a pair of lingerie from her , guess wat ? a Hello Kitty bra and Charmmy Kitty panties of cuz ! damn nicey ! they are ready stock .. besides , dahua helped me to submit my orders to the company too ! i want to have all the hello kitty pyjamas and lingeries .. how sweet .. mid-autumn is coming soon , planna make a lantern for my dear ~


belated post ( my 4th year anniversary gift from dear daniel , it’s huge and it’s weight almost reach to 2kg !!! )

hello kitty bra

charmmy kitty panties


Hooray ~

September 17th, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

yahoo ~ today is the last day of this week .. i’m having a week break .. gotta have some plans for my holidays ! probably will go to kb with my sista kelly , she’s going to do some preparations for her wedding day .. staying with my dearest kuku these weeks .. she provided free facial , massage , spa etc for me .. oh i love u so much , dear kuku ~ i’m always pretty when being with her since she’s a skilled beautician .. i was havin a dammy stomach-ache this evening .. really felt uncomfortable after i had my meal .. maybe i ate too much while my stomach was empty , dat’s why .. i rushed to toilet once i reached home .. but it was sux ! i can’t evacuate the bowel .. surrounded by frustration ! unlike cascada , she evacuates her dancefloor while i cant evacuate my bowel ~ i want my kuku to massage me at the time , but she was busy with her customer .. she was doing crystal derma for the customer .. damn !! after the facial done , i can see dat the customer’s face was completely changed ! so seepy and moistens .. gosh ! wanna have my crystal derma tmr ! pity my kuku , hold a current post as my baby sitter too .. well , i think prettify is the most necessary part of my life .. coincidencely , God granted me such a good gift for me , dat’s my kuku ! stop beating around the bush , actually i wan her to beautify me .. as i said before , im always expecting for others’ commendations , like every girls do .. ^^ here’s a phrase to share with : yesterday is a history , tomorrow is a mystery , while today is a gift , so it calls present ..

A teacher’s journal

September 9th, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

awww .. my blog dried up ! these days i was quite busy .. since the very 1st day i posted my job as a temporary form teacher at chung hua primary school .. thx to uncle harimau and headmaster wong for giving me this opportunity .. i think with this post in my resume and the testimonial they given , probably it can make my application easier .. hope dat i will hear an approval news later .. : )  today is the 9th day .. so far , i think i still can handle my classes .. i received a blouse handcraft from standard 1 student yesterday .. the little boy told me dat he admires me .. gosh , he falls to an old sister ? i received many compliments from my students .. of cuz , some of them dislike me too , cuz i’m always a strict teacher , quite fierce eh .. i must have the strict look all the time , to leave a good impression in the students’ heart , so they wont dare to jump above my head .. one of my malay student , Irfan from 2h , shows me his improvement day by day .. he really improved a lot ! i was touched of his great improvement .. i’m so glad .. but the worse thing is , his fren Faris is getting worse , lazier ! i’ve warned him many times , but my warnings and advices didn’t push him up .. maybe he was tired and uncomfortable of starve , he is puasa for this month .. but , i can’t accept this excuse ! cuz his frens like Irfan , Nurin , and Shahida did their homeworks done and perfomed well during my periods .. as punishment , today i scolded him madly and ordered him to sit behind the class , next to the rubbish bin .. he shed his tears , but i didn’t bother him at all .. just wan him to realise wat he did to disappoint me , a teacher who really cares him a lot .. i love all my students .. yesterday i went to standard 1 , they are so adorable ! little dolls alike .. a naughty boy ( i cant recognize his name cuz i jz stepped to the class once ) kept bullying his frens .. i warned Him many times , but he considered me as a soft and easy-bully teacher .. maybe i’m new and young .. damn ! i really can’t take it somemore .. so , i scolded him , he didn’t look at me , how stubborn was this little boy ! initially , i jz asked him to stand up .. but he didn’t bother me .. last , i pulled him up forcely .. then , i way up his chin , cuz he dun wan to look at me .. i scolded and scolded him badly then .. the whole class was quiet , all of them afraid of this mad lion queen ! after a deep breath , i let him to sit down .. he started to shed his tears , i can see through his regretful tears .. the class returned to the actual scene after i started to joke .. i told them the story of dinosaurs .. they love dinosaurs , as same as me too .. the naughty boy enjoyed the story too , and he asked me some questions of the dino .. hmm , i feel uncomfortable right now , havin a stomachache .. maybe my menstruation will visit me sooN ..

Marina ♥

August 23rd, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Reached caytee 2 days ago .. i miss Marina ! it was the best clubbing place i ever seen .. in my country the entertainments are limited .. we enjoyed the  ladyboy ’s show at marina .. damn ! his skin is so fair , and his movements are girl alike ! even better than a girl , so slim his body .. hmm .. i feel inferior when compare with the guy .. i’m darker than him ! gosh ! he has no scars .. how does he mantain his body like dat ? and his posture , as graceful as a snake .. whoa , i can’t take my eyes from him , his seduction , awesome ! we planned to have a night stay at marina , but it was fully booked .. so we lodged at genting .. genting has a dance floor too , but kelly said most of the songs are malay and indo songs , not our favorite eh .. so , to entertain ourselves , we went to Marina .. we almost finished one dozen of beers ( big size 1 ) , but the flavor of thai producted beers are very light and they are really cheap too ! i can’t even feel a little bittle diziness after finished the very last drop .. we danced until 4am , then had our supper beside marina .. omg .. all of us were food poisoning .. our bowel movement goes smooth when we reached genting .. been awaken by emily around 9am .. went to stroll around the streets , shopped for some plush dolls , dresses and some local snacks .. exhausted , we went to a corner stall to fulfill our stomach .. we had crystal sugar bird nest as our breakfast , very luxurious huh ? actually one bowl of the bird nest only costs RM5 la , 50 Thai Bact .. just stroll around the streets until 4pm , went back to Malaysia , my country , my home ~ had our dinner at Straits Restaurant .. damn , all of us miss marina so much ! will visit marina again next month , my bestie dahua will come along with us ! can’t wait until the time .. : )

Marina ~ Cya

Food massage ? suppose to be Foot  .. =p

Nite view of Ma Co Shrine

Bangkok Big Boy , dunno wat it stands for , but cute anyway ..

The place we lodged .. Genting

They worship this statue , probably someone special and respectable ..

Cornae , i love this snack , so i took my dear’s one .. =p

My babies , Toma & Tobies

Hello Kitty Wallet

Hello Kitty Keychains , one for my bestie Dahua

Kelly * Ley , the sweating us

Mie @ Genting




TotaLey Blissful

August 19th, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Just another day after last night .. i feel some dizziness right now , maybe the liquor last nite .. argh !!!  sucha hot day again ! keep myself inside my pinky nest .. as a loyalty blog maniac , here i am to update my journal again .. i’m having a good mood right now , unreasonable .. probably i deeply feel my dear’s fondness to me .. nites ago , i went to my grannie’s house alone , without informed him , and i switced my hp to silent mode .. he kept phone and phone me , but i didn’t pick up the calls .. he was worried , so he smsed me .. i received many smses from him .. he asked me contact him once i notice his calls .. and he advised me to be careful , dun go to crowded places for my own sake , drink more water to prevent swine flue , consume my vitamins on time , etc .. he cares a lot for me .. although he doesn’t approach to me , but i still can feel his warm tender , his gentle appearance through the messages .. perhaps others will being sick of these , but i like his concern ways , he really takes good care of me .. dear , i love u so much ! i’m cherish and lucky to have a spouse like u ..

Tomorrow , we will go for vacation .. can’t wait until the time ~ we will go to Kelly’s sista’s wedding banquet 1st , next , will go to border line between kelantan & thailand to shop around .. then , say hello to the neighbour country , Thailand ! will go Marina to spin our heads right round , left round ~ it sure be fun and excited ! of cuz , we will explore the nightlife there , the joys we can’t found in caytee .. damn ! i can’t wait for tmr ! gotta buy a new dress to attend kelly’s sista’s wedding banquet eh ~ will bring Ngan too , she wants a new wallet ..


A Picture Of Me ( Taken by myself @ 0130 last nite )


Leymade Ch♥c♥lates

August 18th, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Awakened by my alarm on 8am .. after showered , i went to fetch my bestie .. initially , we planned to go to Papa Hainan Cafe for our breakfast ..  but ,  it closed .. it was our plan .. we planned to have our breakfast at Papa Hainan Cafe since yesterday .. but unfortunatly it didn’t welcome our presence .. in the case , we had no alternative .. in addition , the morning was blazing hot ! i can’t even opened my eyes when driving , and our mind was empty ! can’t even think out wat will be our breakfast .. damn .. stupiak caytee .. instantaneous , my brain popped up an inspiration , dat we better have our breakfast at Curry Asha Restaurant .. after took our breakfast , we had a window shopping .. then , we went to the corner of The Store to buy boba milk tea .. my flavour was tiramisu while wei’s was champagne .. whoa .. we felt soothing with the iced drink , in the blazing hot morning .. then , we went to Mee Soya to purchase some goodies .. i ended up with a chocolate mold , baking chocolates bars and cocoa butter .. so sad , i didn’t get a Hello Kitty mold there , so i bought the kerropi one .. am i a Sanrio freak ? i do think so .. ^^ i sent wei home , then visited my lovely grandma and aunty Ngan .. i fetched them to Giant , Ngan needs some necessities .. i heard from my grannie dat Ngan is a genial and virtous young lady .. she woke up inthe rearly morning to help my grannie finsihed all the houseworks .. uncle beng .. u’re lucky to have such a good wife eh ! must appreciate her duu .. home reaching , rushed to kitchen to bake my chocolates , i was helped by my mommy .. first , we steamed the chocolate bars and a tea spoon of cocoa butter into a steamer , followed by add some baked choped almonds into it .. until the chocolate completely melted , i added 2 pieces of mashmallows , then stir it until the mashmallows melted .. pitcha below indicates my masterpiece .. half of 7 ady - outing ..


My kerropi cocoes , cute huh ? I’m totally Sanrio Freak !

Our boba milk tea

Ley & Wei

Chilled ourselves with the iced boba teas



H a p p y O u t g o i n g

August 17th, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Wei & Ley

Our Dinner

As i promised , met up with my bestie wei this evening .. had our dinner at Deevee .. it was a dark region , so some tiny creatures , oso known as blood suckers attacked us ! argh .. i hate itches , especially bitten by those creatures .. damn it ! hmm .. i think i probably describe it as myself was inside a game , combat with those devil creatures .. haaa .. actually they were mosquitoes ! relieved our starve , we separated .. dear wei went to meet her family while i went to visit my grandparents , and my cute uncle .. Ngan will become a part of our family tonight , and she will be my aunt soon .. they will have their wedding banquet next month , on mid-autumn festive .. i pray for this newlyweds may get a baby soon , and their marriage life goes smooth and happy to eternity ..


Wei’s resignation

August 17th, 2009 by monyakoley:hellokitty.com

Finally my bestie , whom holding a concurrent post as my second husband too have resigned her job as KU supervisor yesterday .. 1st day of her resignation , she still woke up in the early morning , about 8am something .. she almost forgot dat she had resigned ! sucha workaholic huh ? planned to have a celebration , but we were lack of time last night , she was feeling unwell .. we just went to noodle station for dinner , then we sent her back .. so , must have some kind of celebration .. and , today is the day ! something special will happen tonight , we gonna celebrate it somehow .. on the other hand , my rouge fren , yauyau will come back within these weeks .. so happy with his return ! damn , i missed him a lot ! missed the time we decorating dollies , tying up little mummies , insulting those stupid fellas together .. dear yau , i’m waiting for ur homecoming ~ since he’s a skillful hairstylist , hope he is willing to change my hairstyle , cuz i’ve been bored with my current hairstyle .. whoa .. my frens around me are talented .. yau , the hairstylist .. chooi tein , the beautician .. buaya , the chef .. i should feel inferior to others , due to being idle all the time .. since there are 4 months remaining until my university acceptance , i must fulfilled my time with doing some beneficial activities .. sigh , my menstruation visits , i’m unable to be a worshiper for these days .. this thursday will be first of july in lunar calendar .. i cant make my prayers , but i think Deities may forgive me due to my difficulties , and feel my ingenuous ..

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