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Obviously, I support Japan technology ^^

I’ve had my toshiba for 2 years and it’s been very good. I just need a little upgrade and this Sony Vaio has everything I need and it was on sale when my husband got it.

I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel for 2 years. I wish I can go back for a visit because I miss my friends and I miss the food ^^ It’s really beautiful there if you explore it. I just didn’t always have a camera with me back then. I wish I had.

This is me and my friend Kristina. The waterpark was closing and we decided to take some pictures. Do you see the signs behind me? I can read that ^^I am happy to be able to learn a beautiful language.

I loved being able to go to the beach just by taking the bus. Those buildings behind me are not hotels. Some are office buildings. They are so lucky to work so close to the beach!

title says it all :D

And this is me in real life… a mommy of two little boys ^^

this photo was takenĀ  August of 2010.. i will post more pics later ^^

I really wanted a Hello Kitty watch but Mc Donald’s didn’t have it at the time my husband decided to get me a happy meal after i asked him so many times. I love Badtz Maru too so I am happy. I do hope to still get the hello kitty one before this promotion ends.

My little boys in their Halloween costumes. I know dukks in celestial plain are pink and boss is purple, but i don’t think i will put my little boy in those colors hehehe. Cluckadee was one of my pets on HKO while i was still in London.

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