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I added a photo with an outfit that is not part of quest rewards in NY and that would be the one in trench coat. It’s what i was wearing when NY opened and when I was visiting NY after the holiday capers event.

I wanted to take more pictures but HKO seems to be having a problem which led me to post on my blog. How are you liking NY so far?

a quick trip to hko NY =)

change outfit to match the place =)

Twish Kitty standing by Kitty door =)

*still a glitch on the hair, when twish has kitty helmet on you see different hairstyle. but who cares bout hair when you have kitty all over! =)

we love Blue! =)

 Oeshie, _Alice_, and Me

Red Cabbage seeds grow Purple Cabbage hehehe

I am there somewhere =)

I want to write an entry as often as possible but the inability to be able to add images easily deters it. I like viewing blogs where I can see pictures that helps tell a story or just about anything that shows HKO’s many cute aspects.

And when there’s nothing much to do but to hunt pet cards specially from bosses that takes forever to wake up.. there’s always that 3 minute window to do whatever until the mob boss becomes conscious again.¬† So why not post an entry in hopes of it being viewed somehow and get comments which would be highly appreciated.

I am not new to blogging but I still need to learn quite a few things on Sanriotown. Please join me in my adventures and just moments of fun and pure childishness (because I am not young but I am definitely so young at heart).

Its twish the jinch! :)

Just like Sanrio Digital, I support Breast Cancer Research and Awareness too. My mother-in-law and some friends are survivors.

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