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I am happy HKO released these clothes at the Item mall.

I love them all! ^^

Check out my previous post as well.. the wings are awesome to mix and match clothes with. ^^

I’m an HKO player who loves playing for Charity but I love having fun too. Did you have fun dressing up and mix matching clothes with the colorful wings? I have the rainbow ones but I am saving it.. for…mmm IDK lol

I tried my best to match with what I have in my Inventory ^^

Which one is your favorite?

My hubby’s name in real life is… u guessed it.. Kevin!

I giggled a lot when I saw this Vday friend in Flora and immediately showed it to my hubby.

Me and my brother Konton farming snowmen. Fun fun fun!!

It’s fun to be able to plant a snowman hehe

One thing i like about playing HKO is being able to help charity while playing. Most recent event held was the Toys for Tots, aimed to give presents to less fortunate children. I have been playing on the International server and since this is exclusive only to US/Canada server, we made an account to be able to participate. A list of items to be collected were given and one set equals one toy for a child this Christmas. It ran from December 1-8.

It felt awesome turning in those sets because I know it adds up to the number of children that will receive gifts.

total sets I was able to turn in: 23

(thank you to my friend who helped me throughout)

This my pet wulver - Akihiro

All those woodcutting leveled him up pretty fast :D

I also had a pet purlynx.. then got a bunch of pet cards lol

US twish


This is Twish the Dukk Hunter. She is disguised as a sweet girl but beware of that fly swatter because it can harm even the most fierce monster in HKO! She is always prepared when she goes hunting. Beneath that exterior is someone who is fearless and not even the fierce Pyrodon can scare her.  When she walks through the plains and valleys, she is never afraid. Her weapon is powerful enough to battle the Fierce Komodo but right now she can be found at the Celestial plain hunting for Dukks with her trusty companion, Bubble the Boxet.

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