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One thing i like about playing HKO is being able to help charity while playing. Most recent event held was the Toys for Tots, aimed to give presents to less fortunate children. I have been playing on the International server and since this is exclusive only to US/Canada server, we made an account to be able to participate. A list of items to be collected were given and one set equals one toy for a child this Christmas. It ran from December 1-8.

It felt awesome turning in those sets because I know it adds up to the number of children that will receive gifts.

total sets I was able to turn in: 23

(thank you to my friend who helped me throughout)

This my pet wulver - Akihiro

All those woodcutting leveled him up pretty fast :D

I also had a pet purlynx.. then got a bunch of pet cards lol

US twish

2 Responses to “Toys for Tots”

  1. waaahhh! kala ko kung gano kaganda and colorful ng bear? tama ka nga twish. hehehe… maganda pa rag doll.. xD

  2. I love Wulver is really a pokemon for me XD

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