I really should change my blog name to something shorter that blog name I have now  is called

I have this cool blog/website!


before it was My blog My Rules and before that it was cool stuff @ my blog and before it was that it was there is always new posts on this blog and the first ever blog name I had is of course My Blog

you all know I love my dog Sorcha and you all know the bird story that is really not real and all of that well I enjoy finding friends on websites so will you be my friend? please! and you will find me on icarly.com,nick.com and toon town and I enjoy my blog. and the posts on my blog I love my blog because it is fun,useful,cool it is what I can do when I am bored I do it all the time so check my blog every day I always have new posts. because I love doing them.I love blogs and my poor mom she is sick I hope she gets better.-molly223

My dog Sorcha like to sleep and run with me we a race she is so fast she is like a sled dog and when I say walk she puts her ears up well right now she is sleeping like my mom.my dog mostly sleeps on the rug and at night she sleep on her bed but not if my sister is home she sleeps with my sister. she loves when I pet her and she will never ever have babys  -molly223

I love my dog her name is Sorcha yesterday I went to pet co and when I was done shopping I saw a dog cookie that smelled like a real cookie it smelled so yummy but I did not eat it I gave it to my dog Sorcha. Sorcha is cute but not a puppy but  we call her puppy my sister calls her guppy but I call her puppy. now this story is real and I mean it!. and my BFF loves dogs too! she has a puppy and I have a dog.and my other BFF I had ran from my dog Sorcha I am not shore why. oh maybe she was scared of dogs oh yeah she still is.-molly223

hello world I want to show you a cool blog right here. here is the link http://blog.sanriotown.com/scripts/blog/blog_proxy.cgi?action=sso_req&lang=us&sso_token=a3Sj7Dg5MGHM well there you go

Alice has a new mate named Spike they love flying together they tweet of love sometimes they wish they were doves because that is the love bird and soon they will have babys out of blue eggs! they wish they were us to kiss! they love eachother so much! like to see nests some maybe pretty  and they look at their nest and they like it so much very very much now Spike says to Alice I love you!

Hi. this is a good way to find websites to try out if not get out! sorry just kidding so look at my post and look for the .coms  well here is some here look at them dailydressup.com nick.com pigs.com youtube.com hellokittyonline your own blog you see that’s why I call it the the link blog. because so much links!wow this post is long just look at it!-molly223

hi peeps here is a link for you if you want that I love and one I love as same as it here it is icarly.com or try nick.com they are so fun teenagers go on it and I am not a teenager I am 6 years old my name on here is molly223 see ya!


hi my name on here is molly223 but not in real lifeIll Tell you what BFfNV B is best F is Friends F is for ever N is no matter what V is you are my valentime and Im not saying the names.

Hi world I am 6 years old my name on here is molly223 hi I have 6 BFFs I like you guys who are on here! so ummmmmm bye!

OK here is Ur quiz! What is your fave color? pink? black? light brown? turquoise? light purple? light orange?. What is your fave name? Miley? Molly? Milly? Mackenzie? How old are u? 88? 56? 12? 76? 99? 10000000000? 5? 6? 18? What color is  Ur eyes right now? red? pink? blue? blue-green? brown? black? OK that all the test if there is not your one there u can write that on you comment. bye

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