Miss me? You should, because I’m 9 now, and haven’t written since I was 8! I missed my blog and how much I used to enjoy writing in it since it’s been a long time. Soon, I’ll come up with cute little posts now and again, but there’s nothing like the post’s I wrote in 2009. So, “Hello World!” I’m back!!!

-Mol :)


So, I’m an 8 year old girl (I’ve been on for 2 years!) that has a passion to write; especially blogging. So I’m happy to blog anywhere I have internet. Nor if I have cable or antenna. Currently, I’m at home on an antenna computer. So if your interested in my interesting, juicy posts, stay tuned. I love music also :). I’ve had an email since I was 6 so now I’ve perfected in writing. I also like to make hand-written stories. With them all I do is picture book form. On the internet I can make multiple chapters. As I grow up, as a person, and as a blogger, I will make posts way more longer and interesting. The longest post I ever made so far was that rainbow post. I was only seven then. I love being a smart author, doesn’t everyone? Of course, I have lots of support, readers and comments. I enjoy that. Once, I remember when my second grade teacher said “I’m gonna here about you in the paper someday” I bet that made me more inspired the most. So as an independent third grader I do stand in pride

I am proud of myself


Hi, Blogreaders!

I’m sorry there wasn’t much juicy posts to gnaw on so here, enjoy one!

My vacation in Binghamton

In my vacation in Binghamton I had lots of fun. I chose Binghamton because Nuala ( my sissy) lives up there. Early, before the trip, Nuala informed me that she was pet-sitting some guinea pigs. At that moment, I was excited. I was excited because i knew i was going to Binghamton at some point! Also, I met some of Nuala’s friends. Miranda and Tom. Nuala live’s in an apartment over the Chanago River. The great thing about the apartment was that it had a balcony! So we spent most of our time out there. We went to Chris’s Dinner, Kennedy Fried Chicken, Mc Donald’s,and Kampa’. There was no cable so no Tv!! I also enjoyed the Catskill Mountains and the Poconos.

Have a great Summer!!! (: (:

My Favorite Colors: Pink,Black,Light Orange,Light Brown and Light Purple

My Favorite Toppings: Whipped Cream and Peanut Butter (creamy).

My Favorite Foods: Pizza,Macaroni And Cheese and Stuffing.

My Favorite Deserts: Cake,Pancake,Cupcake,Cheese Cake and Carrot Cake.

That is a lot of me hope you like it!-molly223

  1. write this post
  2. play with my zhu-zhu pet
  3. take pictures of my zhu-zhu pet
  4. write an other post
  5. watch TV
  6. take pictures of my toys
  7. love my dog
  8. make a project
  9. make a video in the dream studio
  10. go on you tube
  11. find pictures of squirrels
  12. play with my dad
  13. love my dog more
  14. watch my zhu-zhu pet scoot around
  15. play with my other toys
  16. write more posts
  17. end this post

So you know I am seven years old right? well I am. So I do’nt know really what to do so here’s a lps vid

Princess Peach SleepOver Part 1

LPS:Princess Peach SleepOver Part 1

I wish I had a colletion of them! tomarrow I am going toget I new one OMG!












































So in a week it is going to be Thanksgiving! I wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving! And have a nice time with your family! If you are new to this website or just found this blog  I would like an email at molly223@hellokitty.com  If you do not enjoy  your Thanksgiving please  comment this post. As you guys know I am seven years old I am pretty young to be on here I just searched hello-kitty  and sanriotown  came up.Well as usual I am so bored and hungry. I will for the first time post food the reason I’m posting food is that I think Thanksgiving is all about. That and history. So I wish you will have a happy Thanksgiving! Sincerely molly223!

you guys are so nice how you give me really nice comments on my posts. I really appreciate it. I am guessing I’m the youngest on here. Well I’m only seven years old! bye!

Me so bored I have nothing to do. Nothing to type but this. So will some of you viewers give me some ideas? One thing is that I’m watching I FIGHT SHELBY MARKS  and soon it’s going to be over then it’s going to be TRUE JACKSON VP and then it’s going to be ZOEY 101. Know what I’m hungry so bored so hungry. here are some pictures of kitty’s!

I’m now 7 years old a little young to be on a blog and had great fun with sanrio town it is a great website for hellokitty  lovers and I hope you enjoy it! and all people who love hellokitty  should sign up now

oops I forgot to write a post on my birthday it was august 13 my date of birth year was 2002. and here comes the good part.I’m going in to second grade it will have pencils and crayons, folders, notebooks, colored notebooks that is all. cabbage don’t type on the keyboard! this is cabbage typing now fhhghghghhghghgghghghhghghghghggtrffdf now stop it or you going to go back to the garden and I’ll buy a dog to eat you up.

hey bloggers  how are you people today I’m hungry are you hungry? so have you guys been swimming though summer?I am so sorry for all the questions   OK  I’m starving! you guys know I’m still six years old my b-day is coming  up and don’t worry I will write a post on my b-day I am going to turn seven years old http://www.spokane7.com/modules/images/new_7_logo_300.gifyay!

  1. Dougles
  2. Max
  3. well sometime A
  4.  Sometimes Alexander but he moved
  5. the people who work at the Saint Anthony Fair because My Grandmother lives near the noisiest ride in the Fair and she never could sleep!
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