Hey guys,
It’s summer! Yay! This means school is out!
So this year I’m going to junior high! I have mixed feelings, I’ll miss all the nice teachers and staff who helped me along the way, but I guess it’s time to move on, and move up, right?
Back to the subject: it’s summer!
Since it’s summer, I’ll probably be blogging a bit more often. I mean I’ve been kinda busy :)
My summer has been really, really fun so far! And schools only been out for 4 days! I’ve been to the ocean 2 times and to the bay once. Wow. I’m looking forward to a hot, fun summer ahead of me!
I’m also going to sleepaway camp this year, which means 12 days in a different state, away from home..
So I hope you guys enjoy your summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to at least weekly blog.
Thanks for reading guys, and stay tuned!
Your’s truly,

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