Hey guys! Do you know how much I missed you? I was reading my whole blog, and I updated to frequently! I want to get back into that groove again, seriously. I will never have that pure innocence of a little 6 year old, but that’s okay, I guess.

I’ve got some FAQs for you…
Q Do you still like squirrels?
A You bet!! I love them so much nowadays..
Q Are you going to post any more links to your blog?
A Perhaps… It really depends on my audience.
Q How old are you now?
A I’m still 10 as of August 13.
Q Who are you musicly interested in?
A A handful of artists, particularly CIMORELLI!!! Please look them up!
Q What other animals do you like besides squirrels?
A I have a soft side in my heart for dogs, and most rodents.

FUN FACT: Chipmunks are a kind of ground squirrel!

My dog Sorcha…
Remember how much I used to love to write about her? Sadly, Sorcha passed on June 21, 2012. Lets all take a moment to think about her.

What I look like:
I’ll try to describe what I look like without giving a picture, I’m not allowed to post pictures of myself on Sanriotown.
Blue eyes,
Brown hair
Pale skin

I love Eos, the lip balm!!!! Pictures aren’t working so good…
Another question: The death question.
It’s like asking, “When will you die?”
How long are you keeping your blog alive?

Hopefully forever, dear readers. Hopefully my children could inherit my writing talents. Just like today, I will go back and read all the cute little things I’ve written.

Any questions? I’ll probably answer! Please just comment below, don’t hesitate!


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