Hey, hey! I’m Molly - it’s so cool of you to stop by and meet me

I have the special power of invisibility. I have to be sure to keep my nerves in check because when I’m nervous, I start to blink in and out - and that’s not good when fighting evil!

I’m usually the first to say hello and introduce myself to someone new. I have lots of friends and I belong to several clubs at school. I hate it when a friend is having a bad day and will do whatever i can to cheer them up!

There are a couple of cuties at my school, but I’m not saying who!

I love to go hiking, swimming and just being in the sunny outdoors!

I have so much fun with my friends! I love exercising with Virgo and shopping with Taurus. Believe it or not, Scorpio and I are really close! I know I’m happy and she can be a sourpuss, but we get along great!

I love dancing to upbeat music, waking up early in the mornings and of course spending time with my Zodiac friends!

I hate being stuck inside on sunny days, being tired and getting nervous (I hate it when my powers don’t work right!)

I think I would enjoy being a teacher so I could help others learn new things.

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