So, I’m an 8 year old girl (I’ve been on for 2 years!) that has a passion to write; especially blogging. So I’m happy to blog anywhere I have internet. Nor if I have cable or antenna. Currently, I’m at home on an antenna computer. So if your interested in my interesting, juicy posts, stay tuned. I love music also :). I’ve had an email since I was 6 so now I’ve perfected in writing. I also like to make hand-written stories. With them all I do is picture book form. On the internet I can make multiple chapters. As I grow up, as a person, and as a blogger, I will make posts way more longer and interesting. The longest post I ever made so far was that rainbow post. I was only seven then. I love being a smart author, doesn’t everyone? Of course, I have lots of support, readers and comments. I enjoy that. Once, I remember when my second grade teacher said “I’m gonna here about you in the paper someday” I bet that made me more inspired the most. So as an independent third grader I do stand in pride

I am proud of myself


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