Hi, Blogreaders!

I’m sorry there wasn’t much juicy posts to gnaw on so here, enjoy one!

My vacation in Binghamton

In my vacation in Binghamton I had lots of fun. I chose Binghamton because Nuala ( my sissy) lives up there. Early, before the trip, Nuala informed me that she was pet-sitting some guinea pigs. At that moment, I was excited. I was excited because i knew i was going to Binghamton at some point! Also, I met some of Nuala’s friends. Miranda and Tom. Nuala live’s in an apartment over the Chanago River. The great thing about the apartment was that it had a balcony! So we spent most of our time out there. We went to Chris’s Dinner, Kennedy Fried Chicken, Mc Donald’s,and Kampa’. There was no cable so no Tv!! I also enjoyed the Catskill Mountains and the Poconos.

Have a great Summer!!! (: (:

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