I have forgotten to tell u guyz that I’m a soccer player. Last night was the soccer marathon. It was supposed 2 b startin at five, and end at ten, ten thirty! I dropped out at about nine. I was really tired. I got to eat Italian Ice. The flavor was cc (cotton candy). At school dismissal I had to leave early :( It was only three or three, thirty at the time. Soccer is fun but I hated that marathon! (thats y I dropped down at nine). Now today is Saturday, enjoy it. I am supposed to go to this “Strawberry festival” at my grandmas nursing home.BTW My gm (grandma) had a stroke like a month ago.And through the passed week, me and my mother have been feelin sick. Like my throat kinda feels funny and my nose feels a liddle stuffy.Mother is laying in bed more than usual and she almost passed out at work! So i give her good luck.



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