Explaining the 3D world Jumpstart must be true so I am going to use other website for most of this writing. I will also be doing some work…. I have to copy,paste,write my own stuff and read it all. Here we go! (below)


A virtual world for kids in a safe 3D environment that is very addicting. One of the most exciting developments in the world of online gaming is the introduction of amazing advanced virtual worlds, where people can live an alternate life in an alternate universe. Unfortunately, most of those virtual 3D avatar worlds are filled with adult characters in an adult-only environment. There is a great deal of content and imagery in those communities that most parents would not want to expose their children to. One excellent solution to safely introduce children to the adventure and fun of virtual 3d avatar worlds is with JumpStart.com. At Jumpstart there is pesky creatures called “Munk-munks”. They are only around when you visit different worlds in Jumpstart for example “Marine Land”or “Adventure Land” To control the Munk-munks you must jump on them then it will get them confused then jump on them again and while you jump you fly up into the air. While you are in the air you must jump again and that will squish them. So I hope you learned a lot.

So…. Today I went to the dock to have a picnic, a few minutes later me and my mom noticed that the car did not start up. Luckily she called my uncle and he gave her a jump-start. He told us to not to turn the car off and my mom didn’t….. until we went to the house and the door was locked so she had to get the keys from the car and put them into the house. Now I am wondering what will happen to the car?

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