I have been writing about Nicktropolis but some people don’t know what it is. Today I am going to write what Nicktropolis is. Nicktropolis is a Nick.com virtual world that you can make friends and prank them. In Nicktropolis you create a 3D avatar and to start you just keep clicking. The boring thing about Nicktropolis is that you can’t type in any free words. But you don’t use a menu either. You have to type in one letter and then all sorts of appropriate words come up for that  letter. Sometimes Nicktropolis loads slowly and I don’t want you to get annoyed. If you want to prank your pals you have to do it in special areas. There is no pets, cafes, schools, or pools in Nicktropolis. On Nick.com there is a message board for Nicktropolis. You also cannot sit in Nicktropolis. On the Nicktropolis message board you can write what you want on Nicktropolis or anything else.

Have fun!, Molly223

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