1. write this post
  2. play with my zhu-zhu pet
  3. take pictures of my zhu-zhu pet
  4. write an other post
  5. watch TV
  6. take pictures of my toys
  7. love my dog
  8. make a project
  9. make a video in the dream studio
  10. go on you tube
  11. find pictures of squirrels
  12. play with my dad
  13. love my dog more
  14. watch my zhu-zhu pet scoot around
  15. play with my other toys
  16. write more posts
  17. end this post

Do you guys even like zhu-zhu pets? They are cute little animals that scoot, slide and make lots of noises.That I love to post pictures of and take pictures of. These ones are from Googlehttp://reviews.bargainbriana.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Zhu-Zhu-Pets-pictures-300x300.jpg. Do you like them or not? Tell me the truth please! The new latest report says that even Mr.Squiggles is not harmful. I like zhu-zhu pets cuase I think they are so sweet and cute so much! bye bye!

this is a picture I took of my zhu-zhu pet in my hula-hoop spinning around and here is another one of my zhu-zhu pet pictures that I took. it is in a cute sleeping bag. if you want to know my zhu-zhu pets name is Num Nums but I named it Cutie. the rest of these pictures are from google……. Theres one thing you really need to know about one of these zhu-zhu pets.the one zhu-zhu pet name is Mr.Squiggles because he has something bad in him. now here are more pictures! this one is mine! bye!

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