I have recently been on iCarly.com and I love it! You guys should really go on iCarly.com. This is the stuff the have on the website:


2. Speacial Videos

3.Words Of The Day

4. You Can Read Sams,Carlys,Spencers and Fredies Blog

5.Text Them

Well thats all I can Think of. Here are some pictures of iCarly http://media3.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/photo/2008/09/26/PH2008092603420.jpghttp://s3.amazonaws.com/readers/2009/08/03/6093slide1_1.jpghttp://www.shineon-media.com/gallery/albums/Misc%20Events/2009/Teen%20Choice%20Awards/Do%20Something%20TCA%20Pre%20Party%20Aug%208/Nathan%20Kress/normal_dosomething001.jpg

spencer1.gif image by starbuddystephhttp://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jjr/headlines/2009/05/miranda-cosgrove-icarly-cake.jpg

If you happen to go on foopets I need somebody to feed Cutie! Cutie is my dog on foopets. Anyway go on friend finder the click search by usernames the type in Mollygirlsweet that is my username then click on my account and play with Cutie. Then feed her for me! I am really busy around I don’t have time to feed her so please fed her!

Thank you for reading this special post, Molly223

My Favorite Colors: Pink,Black,Light Orange,Light Brown and Light Purple

My Favorite Toppings: Whipped Cream and Peanut Butter (creamy).

My Favorite Foods: Pizza,Macaroni And Cheese and Stuffing.

My Favorite Deserts: Cake,Pancake,Cupcake,Cheese Cake and Carrot Cake.

That is a lot of me hope you like it!-molly223


I hope you still like to read and comment on my posts on my blog.I feel that I write way more stupid posts and I want them to improve all of them. I am really sad that you don’t read my post anymore now. So please at least comment on anyone of my posts anytime and I would be way more happy. I am begging you to go on my blog and comment.


I have been on foopets.com and it was so fun. This is my foo pet


It is hard to say that I have type one Diabetes.There is a foundation to cure this disease which is called JDRF it stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.There is an other type of Diabetes which is called type two.Type two Diabetes is different than type one.When you have type two your body does not use much of the insulin.You are a kid when you get type one.I have a link here to share about diabetes.When you have Diabetes you need some dose called insulin.Insulin is not a cure. I am hoping to find a cure.I have a song me and my mom came up with:

Sung to the tune of I Wish You A Merry Christmas

I wish I had no Diabetes

I wish I had no Diabetes

I wish I had no Diabetes and a healthy new cure

Good readings we bring to you and your kids

Good readings for Christmas and a healthy new cure

Oh bring us a cure

Oh bring us a cure

Oh bring us a cure and good health for sure!

We won’t quit until we find one

We won’t quit until we find one

We won’t quit until we find one so bring us a cure!

I wish I had no Diabetes

I wish I had no Diabetes

I wish I had no Diabetes and a healthy new cure!

Ok here are some links about Diabetes http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/d_0q_421.htm     http://kidshealth.org/kid/health_problems/gland/nick_madi.html http://kidshealth.org/kid/health_problems/gland/diabetes_center.html?tracking=K_RelatedArticle

that is all bye bye!

  1. write this post
  2. play with my zhu-zhu pet
  3. take pictures of my zhu-zhu pet
  4. write an other post
  5. watch TV
  6. take pictures of my toys
  7. love my dog
  8. make a project
  9. make a video in the dream studio
  10. go on you tube
  11. find pictures of squirrels
  12. play with my dad
  13. love my dog more
  14. watch my zhu-zhu pet scoot around
  15. play with my other toys
  16. write more posts
  17. end this post

Do you guys even like zhu-zhu pets? They are cute little animals that scoot, slide and make lots of noises.That I love to post pictures of and take pictures of. These ones are from Googlehttp://reviews.bargainbriana.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Zhu-Zhu-Pets-pictures-300x300.jpg. Do you like them or not? Tell me the truth please! The new latest report says that even Mr.Squiggles is not harmful. I like zhu-zhu pets cuase I think they are so sweet and cute so much! bye bye!

this is a picture I took of my zhu-zhu pet in my hula-hoop spinning around and here is another one of my zhu-zhu pet pictures that I took. it is in a cute sleeping bag. if you want to know my zhu-zhu pets name is Num Nums but I named it Cutie. the rest of these pictures are from google……. Theres one thing you really need to know about one of these zhu-zhu pets.the one zhu-zhu pet name is Mr.Squiggles because he has something bad in him. now here are more pictures! this one is mine! bye!

I got this new world for girls hope you like it!

BarbieGirls.com - The Hottest Online Hangout for Girls!

it is really fun it is the hottest hangout for girls!

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