You should know that I am going to marry a squirrel. Do you ask why marry a squirrel? I marry a squirrel because I think their so cute! See for your self!

Finally I have littlest pet shop! I got two new littlest pet shop birds! One was blue and another was purple, they came with one cage. So now I have six littlest pet shop! OMG!

So you know I am seven years old right? well I am. So I do’nt know really what to do so here’s a lps vid

Princess Peach SleepOver Part 1

LPS:Princess Peach SleepOver Part 1

I wish I had a colletion of them! tomarrow I am going toget I new one OMG!











































So in a week it is going to be Thanksgiving! I wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving! And have a nice time with your family! If you are new to this website or just found this blog  I would like an email at  If you do not enjoy  your Thanksgiving please  comment this post. As you guys know I am seven years old I am pretty young to be on here I just searched hello-kitty  and sanriotown  came up.Well as usual I am so bored and hungry. I will for the first time post food the reason I’m posting food is that I think Thanksgiving is all about. That and history. So I wish you will have a happy Thanksgiving! Sincerely molly223!

people look at  this!!!!!

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