welcome bloggers have a nice time enjoying all of my posts and some are funny some are links and cabbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m now 7 years old a little young to be on a blog and had great fun with sanrio town it is a great website for hellokitty  lovers and I hope you enjoy it! and all people who love hellokitty  should sign up now

oops I forgot to write a post on my birthday it was august 13 my date of birth year was 2002. and here comes the good part.I’m going in to second grade it will have pencils and crayons, folders, notebooks, colored notebooks that is all. cabbage don’t type on the keyboard! this is cabbage typing now fhhghghghhghghgghghghhghghghghggtrffdf now stop it or you going to go back to the garden and I’ll buy a dog to eat you up.

tomorrow is my b-day yay and do you guys like disney channel well I’m watching it right now I love this show bye!

Thank you for giving me comments if you have not been to my blog well welcome how are you today read my posts so please send this blog to your friends and tell them to click the link read my posts and comment on them so this is the link


there you go email it to your friends highlight it them press ctrl and c to get it then get the email the press ctrl and v  then you got on the page so please always go to my blog bye!

what do i do

hey bloggers  how are you people today I’m hungry are you hungry? so have you guys been swimming though summer?I am so sorry for all the questions   OK  I’m starving! you guys know I’m still six years old my b-day is coming  up and don’t worry I will write a post on my b-day I am going to turn seven years old http://www.spokane7.com/modules/images/new_7_logo_300.gifyay!

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