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Kolo Mee!!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

It’s been a crazyy crazyy insane couple of weeks. I’ve been uber busy, stressed out, done some crazy things, done some stupid things, gone through too much upheaval both practically and emotionally. Never been so tired in my life.

Anyway, had some very last minute changes to my well laid-out plans, too hard, too complex to explain but anyway


So I get to indulge in my favourite Kolo Mee…  OMG. *drools*. How many years has it been.

To the uninitiated, it’s just ‘another bowl of asian noodles’. Huh. Sarawak people know better ^_^  Apparently there’s some wannabe version from some warung in KL…(i heard it’s epic fail :P)

I stole this image from some website ( of what a respectable bowl of Kolo Mee should look like.

Tourists, please remember that the original version is ONLY available in Sarawak. ^_^ Don’t believe Sabahans, West Malaysians and Singaporeans who may make some wonton-noodle or *insert random name* noodle that supposedly tastes the same. IT DOES NOT TASTE THE SAME. It may taste good too, but it does not taste the same!

Now please excuse me while I go make someone more people jealous :D

Belog BM Pertama

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Memang terlalu lama tak bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu. . . pelik rasanya =)  Sudah menjangkau 2 tahun saya tak mengucap sepatah pun kata BM. Sukar saya bayangkan ketika saya lebih fasih dlm BM berbanding dengan Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Cina. Walaupun berbangsa cina, namun saya hadir ke sekolah Melayu pada zaman sekolah rendah; oleh itu saya tak pernah mempelajari subjek BC. Mummy dah berusaha menghantar saya ke kelas tambahan BC namun saya berdegil dan sering menangis ketika dipaksa membuat kerja rumah BC… (well - according to Mummy because I don’t remember being so naughty) nakalnya anak gadis ini… akhirnya Mummy pun mengalah dan biarkan ajelah..

Akibatnya, apabila dipaksa ke sekolah (majoriti) Cina menengah, saya tak dapat (atau enggan - haha sifatku yang degil terserlah lagi xD) bertutur dlm bahasa Cina.  Rakan2 sekelas berucap dlm bahasa Cina, saya pula menjawab dlm bahasa Melayu… macam anak itik dengan katak!! (ey peribahasa baru). Walaupun kadang2 memang sukar berkomunikasi namun setelah sekian lama, kami semua membiasakan diri dengan aturan sebegini hehe… Keuntungannya? Kebanyakan rakan2 sekeliling menganggap saya sebagai ‘lalat di dinding’ apabila berbincang perkara2 sulit dlm bahasa Cina! wahaha…. sayalah yang menjadi penyimpan rahsia-gosip semua!

 Kini saya dah berusaha membaiki pertuturan BC…. Dengan bangganya saya mengumumkan bahawa setelah bertekun mendengar lagu2 Cina dan menghafal liriknya saya kini boleh membaca BC  tetapi tulisan BC masih macam rojak  xD  ha ha.. apalah…janganlah ketawa….. susah nak tulis BC tau… that’s why we have pinyin and global IME anyway! ! !  and the important thing is I can read well enough to sing Karaoke.. haha xD

OK lah.. setakat ini jelah belog saya hari ini…. rasa2nya hampir semua orang takkan faham sepatah pun yang saya katakan di atas. but that’s okay. :)

<3 Bi

p/s testing to see how badly my Malay has been eroded xD Sorry to all who don’t have a clue what I’m blabbering on about!

HKO Drama Queen

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009


Everyone and their dog and their dog’s pet goldfish knows that I missed out on the Christmas event…

because I emo-ed to everyone who would listen  and probably everyone who doesnt want to listen anymore too   o^_^o

So this time I was super determined to be ready to be right there when HKO goes online. This means downloading the client all over again and reinstalling HKO. 

Sounds simple right?


All Kitt(i)ed Out

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I went a little crazy at the end of last year with the shopping thing -_-

So I picked up a few uber cute Hello Kitty things… =)



Saturday, February 7th, 2009


 I’m finally back! (no thanks to Dell…)

 A long unintended hiatus due to my laptop dying on me! but finally she is back up and running and I am trying to get her “bits” right. that will take a long time but -  oh well……..

I am looking forward to the valentine’s day event sooo much. No one will know how happy I am my laptop was finally fixed (today).

*hugs everyone* (yes even the smelly cat from across the road yuch!!!) :D



(ps i really do like cats its just that he smells really bad.. )

My Christmas Wishlist #1

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I am jumping on the wishlist band wagon =)

Yes I admit I am materialistic and I love my “stuff” too much. ::guilty:: XD~But then. . . these things are too darned cute XD

~ (more…)

Diamond Dreams

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I was only dreaming of diamonds when I wrote my BlogForThought


But I received an email from GM-Abby addressed to all HKO Founders Finale winners advising that we had won a beautiful diamond pendant from MBLife ! ! ! !

 Dear Hello Kitty Online Founder,

Congratulations! You are one of the lucky winners of the Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta event: “Founders’ Finale“! As the winner of this event, you will receive a beautiful diamond pendant from MBLife!


\(^_^\)    o(^_^)o    (/^_^)/    o(^_^)o    \(^_^\)    o(^_^)o 


*wants to hug GM-Abby on the spot~*

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From Mars indeed!! PFFT

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

They just don’t understand…

I kinda went crazy this month on the spending bit.

After all it’s labour weekend sales, which is the 2nd best sale time of the year after the christmas boxing day sale.

And also we made a trip up to Auckland because we had a craving for Belgian waffles.
SO all in all my wallet was kinda hungry, I was kinda hungry and my credit card was bleeding in the gutter…

But then the F4F event came along and I totally found farming almost impossible with a laptop mouse. You know - its not really a mouse just a touchpad with two push buttons. And my touchpad is not very sensitive so my character doesn’t move very smoothly…

 So I sneaked out one day to buy me a mouse. And since I was going to buy a mouse, I was going to buy me a cute mouse =) (more…)