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Misfits Plushie Drive

The Misfits event crew have come up with…. a Plushie Drive !! =D

This has been approved by Sundaygirl and MarshmalloPie so I can post it up!

When the next HKO opportunity arises, and there aren’t any events/quests, we propose a plushie and bouquet drive for some of our dear Misfits who were unable to make it online or weren’t on long enough to get a plushie.

Some of the Misfits who couldn’t make it this time are :

Llama_dino    Belou   Alexiana   Sheegy_Weegy   t3   arahxoxo

I personally <3 working together with the other Misfits and I had the most fun grinding (and complaining) together with em during the event XD 

(and slacking off when I get the chance

I think this will be even more fun and I really hope the next Beta will be as relaxing as the first half of the Vday Beta, so we will get a chance to get around to this.

If you wish to know more, here is the link to the topic on the Misfits forum.

If you think of anyone deserving who doesn’t have a plushie, feel free to let us know :)

<3 Bi

::disclaimer:: ok so i stole the plushie pic. shh

18 Responses to “Misfits Plushie Drive”

  1. ripplecloud Says:

    that is such an awesome idea!! (even if I am not a misfit xD)

  2. Says:

    you certainly can be a misfit at heart

  3. Says:

    I love this idea! Hmm. Makes me want to make some plushies! Even though I’m not a Misfit either. lol.

  4. Bi Says:

    ripple: xD heehee i love it too!!!

    azog: she certainly can :P we can teach her the secret Misfit dance…

    tee: :P … this is probably what it stems from (i wanna make plushies hahahahahaa)

  5. the_otakutopian1 Says:

    I’m not a Misfit either. But that’s a sweet idea. :D I hope you’ll be able to trade ‘em with the other members.

  6. Says:

    What a neat idea XD

  7. Says:

    taku : aww thanks XD and we’re quite sure we can :P (having tried it already)

    cross_star_luv : eeehee i think so too xD thanks !

  8. ripplecloud Says:

    wonders what the misfit dance looks like :P

  9. Says:

    heehee i think it involves some hip wiggling and er belly dancing and *points to azog* he’s the expert :P :::runs and hides:::

  10. lilypop Says:

    lol, bi :P

  11. Says:
    (it is safe to watch)

  12. iheartbadtz Says:

    Woot! Much love to Mr. Happy Hearts!XD It’s gonna be cool seeing people carrying around plushies all over Sanrio land.XD

  13. Bi Says:

    @azog LoL .. xD thats our secret walk!
    @ iheartbadtz muahahaha i love the plushie *bites my plushie and dribbles saliva all over it *

  14. iheartbadtz Says:

    Are you sure you haven’t been hypnotized by Zel’s plushie?XD

  15. Bi Says:

    O course not @.@ **plots to usurp Z as right hand minion to Mr Happy Hearts** xD

  16. iheartbadtz Says:

    You usurp Zel’s position, and I’ll steal Wilson.XD Hey, that rhymed! (and the plotting continues)

  17. Says:

    what would I do without you my little fellow plotter xD I’ll help ya hide W now and then to throw them off the track **has free dog biscuits from the supermarket**

  18. iheartbadtz Says:

    Yeah, drop ‘em off near London, that’s where they always seem to go to, anyway.XD

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