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Starving Pets

Housekeeping: My blog is finally neat and tidy :D I have removed most of my IRL posts and from now on this blog will be mainly about HKO and kitty merchandise.

Starving Pets became one of my pet fascinations (no pun intended) during this beta =)  It all began when I was building Cipre’s house and I had my sheep out. I have never ever fed him ever since HKera gave him to me after the GM Pinata event… simply because he belligerently refuses to eat biscuits. ( my sheep, not HKera :P )

He decided he didn’t want his wool anymore….

I kinda panicked right then and I was running around to people in a frenzy.. I was so worried he could never be restored again!  Thankfully 5 frenzy jellies brought him right.


Then, someone told me that her dragon was breathing fire… I wondered if that had something to do with the dragon being starved so I tried starving my iDino! And after a long time (a good few hours) he really did breathe fire! :) I forgot to take screenies though….

  I starved him a second time to show Starrfire…


My next target was…… the boxpig. It’s ironic… These are actually my favourite pets - the dino, sheep and the boxpig …  ~(O_o)~

As I didn’t want to drop any of my pets on Bi, I put the boxpig on my storage character, B3rry. I was starving him in London and got caught by GM-Bacon  o(>_