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Haha, so I was looking around pictures when I found this one…this one, caught my attention and made me fall of my seat in laughter(lol). I am a videogamer and I like playing¬†HKO and Halo, also a known multiplayer game.

So this is what happens if you mix Hello Kitty and Halo….you get…TADA! Halo Kitty, hope you enjoy this picture as much as I did!:


Hehe, till next post ;)

First of all, I am BACK!! yay! well how can I start? I had a dream, a pure dream…all of the sudden I woke in a place, Sanrio Land…I was still sleepy and couldn’t believe I was finally there and my first thought was….”I am home” yep! I am. I am finally back to the game after almost a year without playing, I’ve been really busy and but what is a life without HKO? now I am back and noticed some changes…great ones between!! when I first made my character I was immediately transport to Dream Carnival which is some kind of tutorial land.

I loved it!! and enjoyed my stay in the dream world also now there’s two servers you can choose whether you want to play on the International one or USA/Canada one, I was on the SEA beta so to be able to play with both servers is such a great idea for me. Right now I am concentrating alot in my character in the North American server, since I just started. It’s feel more then awesome to be back!! I missed everything. I missed writing on my blog, I missed my friends, I missed the game…I could go on and on.

But there’s something that bright up my day even more, there’s an special event a really heart-touching one in my opinion, there’s a charity event to help Japan I know you guys might have heard about it but Japan was struck by a tsunami that left alot of people without their homes and belongings but most importantly without their loved ones. So Hello Kitty Online and Sanrio Digital¬†planned this event to help them in this huge crisis. The event’s name is HKO Earthquake Aid…it starts today March 17 to March 21.

 Us players have to collect:

50 Cherry Tree Wood

100 White Bread

50 Green Tea Leaf

50 Veggie Tempura

The rest of the details are here and I am so going to participate on it ^_^.

Now I have to go and keep playing :P my in-game name is MistyPrincess so, if you happen to find me there don’t be shy, say hello! I’ll be glad to meet you all.

Till next post! so happy to be back where I belong, Sanrio Land!

Hi , everyone sorry for not posting  but here is a huge post . Be careful  many images . I know its late but : HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTY AND MIMMY as you may know HKO SEA is now on commercial launch that means the game will never close yay !except for updates .

Here are  many pics is my record of posting  HKO screennies :


Here we are smacking a Florapolis pinata there is some people that you may have know who play HKO since many time like : Serenitycat , Harlock , and Yin .


This pic was at Kitty Birthday Party which was celebrated on Nov.1 on all avaible HKOs . Many people were there I woke up at 6:00 am at Sunday but it really worth it  . One of the best ingame partys I had been in . Also there is Kitty hehe .


Here we were making a konga line but facing on front (lol) good for  waiting the party to start there is : Starr , Ghost , Susan , Kitolo , and me . We were all wearing Kitty hats .

                           at the giant pinata

There was a long road for getting into the Pinata Room we had to walk to continous places until get to the exact point to be all transport to the room . But there were problems some people  including me couldnt entered the first time cause I need to get  offline but GMs were really nice to make the event all over again for us to access there .


Here is me with KITTY !! finally . Outside the pinata room I was battling to get a pic with her but she moved from place to place . One of the best moments of the party .


Other konga line haha , this one was when the Pinata Room event ended the other people were outside for other exciting events but we stay for this pic .

                           Twin Tidesong

Are we twins ? there is Tidesong , Kohono , and me .  Tidesong and I are so alike right ?

Too many typing for today XD .



I havent been able to play the game sadly ( I am still dowloading )k14.gif but I will surely join everyone tomorrow since its my offday and the download is nearly ending as long I had heard many new things are happening in-game since FB if you havent know Beijing is already open to everyone . I am so excited to see it  some players had told me , Paris and Beijing are really huge in-game I really cant wait to see everyone and try the new quest .

If you havent know Aeria Games had held many events daily here its today¬īs event here are the rules so if some of you didnt read the post¬†in the¬†Aeria forums you can read them here ¬†:

GM Farm Visit

Today ( 9/15/09)

At 4PM PDT ( 7PM EDT ) , a GM¬† will head over to the Farm Market and begin requesting to visit player’s farms. If you’re on your farm and allow the GM to stop by, you’ll win a prize depending on your farm setup!What does this mean for your farm?

Don’t outdo yourself, it’s not about having a fancy farm. Rather, if your farm is watered you’re in good shape. Most farms will receive a fun prize!

If your farm is full of dead plants you’ll still get a prize, but it won’t be the same as the watered farm prize.

I copy and pasted from the forums so the info is the same . So sad that I will miss this event but I will be ready for tomorrows ¬īs . I will be Misty in-game since I made my character using Island of Fun before it came closed cause of a bug .

Here is also a post I found in HKO Aeria Forums the list of GMs just in case anyone need help so this is the list by GM Morning Bell :

GM_Morning Bell



Other GMs you will see around are named :









Also all HKO NA GMs use a outfit consisting of a yellow shirt , black pants , and white shoes . That will surely help us players to recognize them  . ( I think this the largest blog post I had ever made ) XD .

Hope to see everyone in-game ! ts_happy_2009011.gif

Now I am remembering HKO SEA good times I MISS IT SO MUCH !!! . But I just read good news that made my day so much better , the update of the game is ready I hear its really long also the CL will be open¬† the … 23 of September , so if you had already download the game you will be able to play soon . I couldnt update mine cause a weird error message appeared everytime I tried to open it so I gave up and I uninstall it I am setting it up again maybe this time it will work .

I havent download HKO NA cause my internet is too slow so I will download it in another computer with faster connection . Here is a  pic that remind me so much of HKO SEA I took it days  before the preview ended :

                       Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I took it with Yin one of the great friends I made in HKO SEA . I miss HKO so much . But it will be open soon I just cant wait to try the item mall , the new quest and of course the new cities .

Till then :)

I know I havent post like forever but now I am here if you havent know HKO NA  is now in closed beta published by Aeria Games I am so happy cause I received my invitation on Monday . I had been so busy that I didnt had enough time for downloading the game , hope nobody take Misty username  . I will download it tomorrow cause its weekend so I will have time .

I disspeared form weeks cause I went to a vacation trip . Hope everyone got the opportunity to enter the beta and congrats ! to everyone that got in too .

If you had  play Hello Kitty Online since a long time you know that some times weird things happen in-game . I know a story Yin told me one day when she was in her farm planting one of her plants moved by itself  I thought it was Sanrio Land magic ( lol ) ts_twirl_200901.gif .

I havent post any pic of my farm since a long time , this screenshot show how my farm became from jungle to dessert .

Jungle =

                   Image and video hosting by TinyPic


                   Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All my plants died in one day XD , but I am still planting cause I need to be in planting lvl = 8 to buy my dream farm . Thanks Starrfire7 for helping me with money to buy seeds :) .¬† If you havent notice I change my blog name to Misty¬īs Land cause it sounds more original to me ¬†, also there is a Sanrio Town Event ! call¬† Minigame Challenge¬†¬†I think I will try this event it has many cute prizes .

I will post more Helllo Kitty Online pics . So Stay Tune !



As you know HKO SEA commercial preview started the 5th of August , everybody was online at the same time for the Meet the GMs Event the Harbour was sorrounded by new and old HKO players . If was good to know that in commercial preview more people join the game =) here are some pics of the event =

                          Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cause there were so many players in the events people came with the idea to make the HKO so everybody join , I was making the H with some of  my guild friends of Twin Stars Guild =) it was a really memorable start =P  eveybody started to said KITTY instead of CHEESE and also other players told their favorite Sanrio characters names .

                                         Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There was a event called Friendship Event in which you made a team of 3 and find items I have to thank my guild friends and team cause we help each others. This is what we got from the event tada ….. a really cute crab plushie , I have to admit events keep me busy . I will post more pics soon .

Till  Then =)

Great News to all HKO players , HKO North America is almost here there is another BETA WOOHOO ! :) to sign up and participate go here I already signed up . They havent announce when the game will start so I cant give you more information about what will happen in this beta. I am so happy can wait !


This month Sanrio Style character is Cinnamoroll so here is some important info about him : One day while the owner of cafe Cinnamon was admiring the sky a white little puppy came floating by looking like a cloud . And since his tail was plump and curled the owner of cafe Cinnamon call him Cinnamoroll his birthday is in March 26th . This are some Cinnamoroll items I saw on  Sanrio site :


     01075-200903_184×123.jpg Cinnamoroll Letter Set 

      01168-200904_184×123.jpg Cinnamoroll Memo Pad

      50535-200904_184×123.jpg  Cinnamoroll Bath Towel

      41497-200901_184×123.jpg Cinnamoroll Ballpoint Pen

I will say that my favorite Cinnamoroll item is …. the letter set¬† because it is heart shape I will go to a Sanrio Store soon for my birthday. I will go check out other Sanrio characters items ! :)

Images and Cinnamoroll info = www.sanrio.com


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