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full of lobelia yesterday!! :)

yesterday i went out to my garden and took stock of what needed to be done for spring planting.. lots of weeding needed to be done. :P thankfully my neighbor BBQ’d while i weeded so i got to eat after my work was done. :) i planted some radishes to start out.. i planted three kinds because radishes are one of my favorite veggies. lots of french breakfast radishes..

some white icicle radishes..

& some easter egg radishes!

are coming true! i move to london in august! :D


i have no clue why it’s been so exciting but it has!


i’m being spoiled already!! :D

my gift from ami

i kinda had to buy this :) i love the rain..

my new umbrella

the weather is warmer, BBQs are a matter of course & i get to lay out on my roof! life is sweet..

but when do i do what i should do?? there are people yelling at each other on the streets anyhow.. but i have a kitty who really wants to lie down with me so i’ll give it a shot.. :) sweet dreams out there!

i wish boys liked me enough to keep me around :(

it’s been so long… my kitties (unfortunately) have both been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.. :( super :( my job is moving from downtown SF to the ‘burbs… :( & i didn’t eat dinner tonight! but i’m alive. :) like (hopefully y’all are too) most of humanity.. i absolutely hate the bravery & i love david bowie. makes sense no??

also, i love sean paul. one day……


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