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November 4th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com


Blog of the Week:)

August 6th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com

I was pretty honored to find that I got Blog of the Week this week. You can view it here: http://blog.hellokitty.com/blog_allstars 
Isn’t that cool:)

Sid just finished putting the baby crib together for me and I just need to get a mattress.  We’ve already decorated her room and it is so cute. If you look at it from one side it is a Hello Kitty baby theme and if you look at it from another view it is a Hello Kitty toddler theme - how awesome is that:) I will post pix of it as soon as have the room done;)

So I’ve been searching for diapers lately; I’ve decided to buy a pack a diapers a week until Vivi is here - that way I can have a nice stash:)  I’ve been sad to find that I can’t find any Hello Kitty diapers - I just know that there are some.  I may just have to order some online:)

I just got a Hello Kitty baby food place setting with a spoon, fork, plate, and cup.  I also got 4 baby bibs and 1 plastic one to catch the food.  I know I won’t need it immediately but I will when it’s time and I wanted to get it while I could find it:)

Anyways, more to come as time moves on:)


Vivian’s Hello Kitty Baby Bedding!

July 16th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com

I caved in guys…I couldn’t find anything else that I liked more than Hello Kitty so yes, Vivian’s decor is going to be Hello Kitty! Grandma you can keep working on that blanket:)


Happy 4th of July! I am still American Proud!!!

July 8th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com


Baby Vivian at 20 weeks

July 8th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com


July 8th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com

It has been way too long since my last post, I guess about a month or so.  Sid and I have been so busy with settling into our new home, me off to Colorado for a school conference only to return sick:( I had to go to the hospital on Sunday, 6-29 because I just couldn’t stop coughing for the third day in a row!!! Turns out, I had an infection so they gave me some antibiotics which did the trick.

So, as most already know, we are having a baby girl, Vivian Lee, and we are thrilled! I can feel her moving a lot now. I guess I really started to feel her a lot around 21 weeks. Last night I was reading in bed and my siamese cat was laying between my legs facing me with her paws on my belly. I guess Vivian was getting stimulated by her purrs because she started to kick and everytime she did you could see my cat move up. It was funny. I wanted to wake Sid up but he was sleeping so peacefully:)

I started to register at baby’s r us online but the whole thing is a bit daunting to me. I want to read some reviews before I select any brands or product to ensure Vivian’s safety. I know one thing, i don’t want anything from China!!!! I think we should boycott all their products.

Anyways, that is all for now:) I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my 24 week check up - can’t wait to hear her heartbeat again:)


April 25th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com

Check out our awesome new house!!! The closing date is the end of May and we are soooooooooooooooooooo excited! I cannot wait to start shopping for stuff. I’ve already been “window shopping” online to get some ideas and I am certainly going to be dragging my mom around for ideas:)

home.jpgI also finally put some pix of our Hawaii trip on myspace. We had a lot of fun. Sid took a lot of cool pix and I wish that I would have taken more but I was lazy:)


April 17th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com

I got to hear our baby’s heartbeat yesterday.  It was 155 bpm.  So sweet; it sounded like a little train:)  Then I proceeded to have six large viles of blood drawn which gave me a headache well into this evening.  In addition, I have been absolutely exhausted.  I didn’t wake up until 12:00pm today!!! Goodness!  Hawaii really wore me out:)

I have to say that 10 days in Hawaii is WAY TOO LONG!  I should’ve remembered from our Honeymoon when we were in Kauai for 8 days and then the Big Island for 2 days.  We were ready to go home by the 8th day.  Then, when we went last year we only stayed 8 days and it was perfect.  This time around I was ready to leave by the 7th day.  I think I was way over stimulated by all the people, kids, shops, etc.  I really couldn’t get in much of a shopping mood.  What’s worse, my legs looked pail coming home!  I really didn’t spend too much time in the sun and when I did I had on some awesome sunscreen.  It was so awesome that Sid didn’t burn and he always burns in just a little sun, but he spent a lot of time in the sun:)  I also only got in the beach water once; it was way too cold and for some reason I just couldn’t get in:( I was bummed but oh well:)  We had a really nice hotel but the service was constantly in your face.  They literally came by 3x a day.  In the morning to clean, in the mid afternoon to bring you ice, and in the evening to turn down your bed.  GOOD GRIEF!!!

Needless to say, I was so happy to get home.  There is just something about Texas that you can’t get anywhere else and I really missed it.  It kind of surprised me how homesick I was.  Maybe it’s because I’m wanting to nest…who knows.

Anyways, I had a dream that we had a CUTE baby boy who had the BIGGEST poopie diaper!  It was hilarious but sweet to wake up to:)

I’ll post some Hawaii pix soon:)

It’s a little gummy bear:)

March 20th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com


alive and kicking…

March 15th, 2008 by mindy22:hellokitty.com

I’m listening to “Far Behind” by Candlebox and it’s nolstalgic:(  Listening to this song makes me realize just how far I’ve come.  I’m open about my past and willing to share so I won’t have any fear about emphasizing.  When I was 15 (a BABY) I decided that it would be a good idea to try the drug ecstasy:( BIG MISTAKE!  Anyways, this song was playing on the radio and I was riding in the car with some people that I don’t remember well because they were summer-trouble friends.  Anyways, it’s really the last thing that I remember before the ecstasy kicked in and all hell broke loose!

It’s funny because Sara 7 months pregnant with Abby.  I put her and Dad through hell and now she is threatening to call me and bother me around my 6th and 7th month to give me a taste of my own medicine.  Ha, not looking forward to it.

Anyways, I guess the point I am getting at is that I never thought that I would end up here: 29 years old, married to a wonderful & kind man for 4.5 years, 2 months pregnant, healthy, and ALIVE and on a Hello Kitty Blog.  It’s so amazing how hard we can make life when we are growing up - as if life didn’t have it’s own problems already.  I don’t even know what was the root of all my pain but it was there and it was real.  Guess it was a God-sized hole….and a baby hole.  I wanted a baby since I was 15 years old.  SCARY!!!!!

Anyways, now that I’ve disclosed a bit much I will close out for now.  I may be back if my lovely insomnia keeps me going.  I stayed up until 4 a.m. this morning watching The X-Files because I couldn’t sleep.  Sid was so sweet - at 3 a.m. he came in and watched the last episode with me…then we were off to dreamland:)

Good night….I hope:)

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