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Hi guys, click here to read the interview by the ST’s Director’s Club with me on the video “Sanrio Loves the World…”

It takes four years to identify an amateur video from an expert video. But it is effortless to deliver a timeless message. =P

i was really touched when i learned about how a new york guy searched for the girl of his dreams whom he had met during a subway ride~

here is the video of him discussing about the whole experience~

Patrick discusses the girl of his dreams from Jakob Lodwick on Vimeo.

WHO said romance was dead? A New York Romeo went to extraordinary lengths to track down the girl of his dreams after spotting her on the subway only to discover she is from Melbourne.

Patrick Moberg, a Brooklyn web designer, experienced love at first sight when he saw 22-year-old Camille Hayton on Manhattan’s No.5 train on Sunday night US time.

He had been working up the courage to speak to her but lost her in the crush of commuters getting off the subway at the Bowling Greenstop.

Mr Moberg knew he had to track down the mysterious brunette, so he devoted a website to finding her - www.nygirlofmydreams.com

On the site he drew a picture of his subway sweetheart with a red flower in her “fancy braided” brown hair, blue shorts, blueleggings and rosy red cheeks.

Smitten, he also posted his email address and mobile phone number.

His unlikely cyberspace searched captivated New Yorkers receiving coverage in the New York Post and on local TV stations.

His romantic search paid off, after a friend of Ms Hayton realised she was the girl he was searching for. They plan to meet up for coffee on the weekend.

Ms Hayton, from Kew who is working as a magazine intern in New York, told the New York Post:

“This is crazy. I can’t believe it’s happening.”

Mr Moberg, 21, was also surprised at his luck in finding the girl who had stolen his heart in city of millions of people.

He said he had received lots of responses after creating the website dedicated to finding Ms Hayton.

“Some people said, ‘I’m not the girl, but you’re so adorable, pick me instead’,” Mr Moberg said.

On Tuesday night US time, a friend of Ms Hayton texted Mr Moberg and said she had recognised the drawing as her friend.

“I replied back and said that would be amazing if you could contact her and then I let it go,” he said.

Soon after he received an email with a photograph of Ms Haytonwhich asked: “Is this your dream girl?”

Ms Hayton, who graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz, wrote back to Mr Morberg saying she was unsure whether she could live up to his expectations.

But Mr Moberg responded that “there are no expectations”.

He wrote on his website yesterday that he had been put in touch with the girl of his dreams and “we’ll see what happens!”.

“Here’s where it gets tricky. In our best interest, there will be no more updates to this website. Unlike all the romantic comedies and bad pop songs, you’ll have to make up your own ending for this,” he wrote.

from:Stefanie Balogh in New York

November 09, 2007 02:21pm

how sweet right?



seems familiar??
It’s the movie “Raising Helen”..
I know it’s kind of :not-that-new-movie..but who said all movies are suppose to be new to be great?
well,this one’s for y’all!


In this heartwarming comedy from director Garry Marshall (”Runaway Bride,” “The Princess Diaries”), Helen Harris (Academy Award® nominee KATE HUDSON) is living the life she always dreamed of. Her career at a top Manhattan modeling agency is on the rise; she spends her days at fashion shows and her nights at the city’s hottest clubs. But her carefree lifestyle comes to a screeching halt when one phone call changes everything. Helen soon finds herself responsible for her sister’s children 15-year-old Audrey (HAYDEN PANETTIERE), 10-year-old Henry (SPENCER BRESLIN), and 5-year-old Sarah (ABIGAIL BRESLIN). No one doubts that Helen is the coolest aunt in New York, but what does this glamour girl know about raising kids? The fun begins as Helen goes through the transformation from super hip to super mom, but she quickly finds that dancing at 3 a.m. doesn’t mix with getting kids to school on time advice that Helen’s older sister, Jenny (JOAN CUSACK), is only too quick to dish out. Along the way, Helen finds support in the most unusual place with Dan Parker (JOHN CORBETT), the handsome young pastor and principal of the kids’ new school and realizes the choice she has to make is between the life she’s always loved and the new loves of her life. — © Touchstone Pictures


Mistake #1
At the hippo’s birthday party, the waiter takes two empty glasses from the table. In the next shot the glasses are still on the table and then disappear again.

Mistake #2
When Helen takes the kids to the fashion show, they walk past Paris Hilton, who is sitting just to the left of the stairs. A minute later, when the little girl sees Paris’ dog, Paris is now sitting on the opposite side of the runway.
Mistake #3
After the birthday party, when the three women are talking in the kitchen, watch the stuff on the table next to the pregnant woman. There is a metal pot, which temporarily becomes a frying pan, and a yellow dishcloth, which appears and disappears.

Mistake #4
When Helen starts a conversation with the boy in the basketball gym, there are 4 balls visible behind her. Their location change in another shot, although nobody was moving them.

Mistake #5
When Helen and her daughters are watching the basketball game, two girls from the row in front of Helen appear and disappear several times.

More Mistakes at http://www.moviemistakes.com

Who said being a mom is easy?
no one did..
but this supermom Jenny-proves that if you do it right,
it could be the best job of your life..

here’s a trailer for the movie:


for more details: go to http://video.movies.go.com/raisinghelen/html/main.html

just love it!!
it’s one of the best movies!
I’m talking,.Surf’s up!!

it really kept me laughing!
man, i’m loving movies!!

anyways, here’s the list of world wide release dates for the movie!

Surf's Up

North America
Canada 08-Jun-07
United States 08-Jun-07
België | Belgique | Belgium 24-Oct-07
Bulgaria 06-Jul-07
Ceská republika | Czech Republic 09-Aug-07
Danmark | Denmark 23-Nov-07
Deutschland | Germany 13-Sep-07
Eesti | Estonia 07-Sep-07
España | Spain 14-Aug-07
Ελλάδα | Greece 25-Oct-07
France 24-Oct-07
Hrvatske | Croatia 09-Aug-07
Holland 11-Oct-07
Íslan | Iceland 31-Aug-07
Italia | Italy 05-Oct-07
Latvijas | Latvija, Latvija | Latviju | Latvia 12-Oct-07
Lietuvos | Lietuva | Lithuania 19-Oct-07
Magyarország | Hungary 16-Aug-07
Nederland | Netherlands 11-Oct-07
Norge | Norway 23-Nov-07
Österreich | Austria 14-Sep-07
Polska | Poland 10-Aug-07
Россия | Russia 07-Jun-07
Portugal 02-Aug-07
România 28-Sep-07
Schweiz | Switzerland (Ger) 13-Sep-07
Slovenija | Slovenia 09-Aug-07
Slovensko | Slovakia 09-Aug-07
Srbija | Crna Gora | Serbia and Montenegro 23-Aug-07
Suisse | Switzerland (Fr) 03-Oct-07
Suomi | Finland 23-Nov-07
Sverige | Sweden 16-Nov-07
Svizzera | Switzerland (Itl) 05-Oct-07
Türkiye | Turkey 03-Aug-07
Ukraine 07-Jun-07
United Kingdom 10-Aug-07
Latin America
América Central 17-Aug-07
Argentina 16-Aug-07
Bolivia 11-Oct-07
Chile 02-Aug-07
Brasil | Brazil 26-Oct-07
Colombia 03-Aug-07
Ecuador 10-Aug-07
México 10-Aug-07
Perú 16-Aug-07
Puerto Rico 07-Jun-07
Uruguay 17-Aug-07
Venezuela 17-Aug-07
Asia Pacific
Australia 13-Sep-07
香港 | Hong Kong 02-Aug-07
India 03-Aug-07
Indonesia 03-Aug-07
日本 | Japan 15-Dec-07 
한국 | Korea 09-Aug-07
Malaysia 21-Jun-07
New Zealand 20-Sep-07
Pilipinas | Philippines 15-Aug-07
Singapore 20-Jun-07
臺灣 | 台湾 | Taiwan 17-Aug-07
ไทย | Thailand 23-Oct-07
Middle East / Africa
البحرين | Bahrain 08-Aug-07
القاهرة | Egypt 08-Aug-07
Israel 09-Aug-07
الأردن | Jordan 08-Aug-07
Kenya 30-Nov-07
Kuwait 08-Aug-07
Lebanon 09-Aug-07
Nigeria 30-Nov-07
عُمان | Oman 08-Aug-07
قطر | Qatar 09-Aug-07
South Africa 30-Nov-07
United Arab Emirates 09-Aug-07

It’s all about having fun!

Jeff Bridges Voice of Big Z/Geek
Shia LaBeouf Voice of Cody Maverick
Zooey Deschanel Voice of Lani Aliikai
James Woods Voice of Reggie
Jon Heder Voice of Chicken Joe
Mario Cantone Voice of Mikey Abromowitz
Diedrich Bader Voice of Tank Evans
Kelly Slater Voice of Kelly
Sal Masekela Voice of SPEN Announcer
Ash Brannon Voice of Filmmaker
Chris Buck Voice of Filmmaker
Brian Posehn Voice of Glen Maverick
Dana L. Belben Voice of Edna Maverick
Reed Buck Voice of Arnold
Reese Elowe Voice of Kate
Jack P. Ranjo Voice of Smudge
Matthew G. Taylor Voice of Ivan/Glen’s Buddy/and others
Jeff Bridges Voice of Geek
James Woods Voice of Reggie Belafonte
Jon Heder Voice of Chicken Joe
Mario Cantone Mikey Abromowitz
Michael McKean Voice of Rock

check out the movie’s soundtrack!
cool music!!

you can enjoy the complete tracks when you by the movie’s official soundtrack available in music stores near you!

surf's up soundtrack!

cool huh?

just watched it..sorry it was bit late..but it was one of the best movies ever!! I can say that it really is a masterpiece!
the graphics, the cast, everything is astounding!

 here’s a trailer..


for more details enter http://www.riseofthesilversurfer.com/
or http://www.myspace.com/riseofthesilversurfer
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - The MovieDirected By: Tim Story
Story By: Mark Frost
Screenplay By: Don Payne

Marvel’s first family of superheroes, The Fantastic Four, meets their greatest challenge yet in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER as the enigmatic, intergalactic herald, The Silver Surfer, comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction. As the Silver Surfer races around the globe wreaking havoc, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben must unravel the mystery of the Silver Surfer and confront the surprising return of their mortal enemy, Dr. Doom, before all hope is lost.

Jessica Alba as Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman
Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
Chris Evans as Johnny Storm / The Human Torch
Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm / The Thing
Julian McMahon as Victor von Doom / Dr. Doom
Kerry Washington as Alicia Masters
Laurence Fishburne as Silver Surfer (Voice)

  • www.whoisthesilversurfer.com is a central, community-based resource for learning about the origins of the Silver Surfer, and the part he has to play in the forthcoming movie FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER.

Have you ever imagined a rat putting spices and different ingredients in your soup while you are waiting for it to boil?
Well, expect the unexpected!
because this year…Eveyone can cook!! (yes, Even rats!!)I watched this film and it made me feel encouraged and inspired;

” Not everyone can be a great artist…but a great artistcan come from anywhere..”

Here is the trailer..
For those who haven’t watch it yet..
what are you still waiting for?? haha..
and for those who, like me, enjoyed the film…would’nt you say so?!

This thanksgiving, the motion picture of the year arrives…
Here’s my favorite part:

Prince to television: “Magic mirror, I beg you, tell me where she is…”
news reporter in television: “reporting from one hundred and 16th in broadway..”Prince: “One hundred and 16th in broadway! Thank you mirror! (hug and kiss)”haha! love it, love it, loove it! (Even though I haven’t watched it yet since it has’nt been showed yet in cinemas..haha!) But when it do..Just can’t wait to watch it!

~My Chemical Romance~

When My Chemical Romance released Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge in 2004, they were praised for being aggressive, melodic and forward thinking and quickly became one of the biggest bands on the modern rock scene, going platinum in the U.S. and selling over two million copies worldwide. But as theatrical and dramatic as the album was, it was a mere dress rehearsal for My Chemical Romance’s dark, bombastic album The Black Parade.

While Three Cheers and its predecessor I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love were loose concepts lyrically, The Black Parade is a breathtaking, fully-formed epic in the vein of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust or Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

“When we started working on the record, all of these theatrical songs that were about life and death started to come out,” says frontman Gerard Way. “That’s when we decided we wanted to throw all caution to the wind and aspire to make a huge record.”

Guitarist Frank Lero expounds, “We said let’s just dive in. We go all the way or we don’t go anywhere.”


technorati tags:the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

I got to the editor’s pick…
Okey…I mean my video…
“The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya!!” here it is…

and please leave a comment or friendly suggestions..haha!
and to others who also got there, congratulations and keep up the good work!! 

Ganbatte ne!
Genki desu!

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Here’s a video of the dance which is also the ending to the anime series Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!
cute huh~
this anime is so kawaii~it’s so exciting~
everytime I watch an episode, I feel like it always puts a question in my mind…which lets you feel like watching it again…and again…
funny~yet somehow…mysterious~
love the SOS BRIGADE!!!


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