Hi everyone!!
It’s Mothers’ Day!

I just want to reach out my greeting to all loving and caring mothers!!

To all sons and daughters,
It’s now the best time to express your love to your mom!
give her a kiss or a hug…or a sweet greeting from the heart!
as long as it’s true and sincere, any mother will love it…

For all those who, are shy to express it…(if there are)

never be afraid to tell your loved ones your feelings!!
Because, the relief is way stronger than the timidness right now!!
totally another level if you compared it!
so, Don’t be shy…

Let’s all greet our Mothers a:

Very Happy Mothers’ Day!


I just can’t believe it!!
I was planning to show you guys some fun pictures on my phone…but guess what, the memory card suddenly had an error. So much for the picture taking during several occation!!
ne~ worst of all, my favorite picture was there!!
Now i just have an empty memory card…huhu…
Next time, I’ll just bring my camera with me!
but I think I’ll get over it….

Talk about a bad day…
and else!

I try to make a banner for my blog…and I made it!
but it just won’t appear when I put it in!!
talk about major efforts!

but I won’t give up!
I am going to show my link banner!
some good day!!

ganbette ne~

(determined face!)

oh, anyways it’s such a cute anime character!
but I just don’t know what specific anime….
kawaii ne~

actually, I have yet many cute and amazing things to share with you guys!
but it’s yet to be posted!
just watch out!
stay tuned in!


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